I’m Cameron Porter also known as C-Money. I’m 31 years old with a passion for writing. I grew up in Virginia Beach Virginia where I became something that I couldn’t imagine. I never believed poetry would take me so far. Becoming a semifinalist in a poetry contest years ago. I fell in love with it. Then came a time when many peers and loved ones stressed me writing to a beat.  I never thought I could evolve to another level. Offers and invitations to studios in Michigan and Virginia came rushing in as I pushed on to get better and better. ” Practice doesn’t bring perfection, but it does bring money.”

From my writings that pertain to hip hop has brought something else to the table to which people want t hear more. When I say I’m writing a C-mix also known as my own individual remix. People would ask me, ” Let me hear it.”. Then I say “Let me finish cooking it. Then I’ll feed it to you.” I recently Sent my first studio rap to a friend of mine. I asked, ” Did you listen to it?.” She says, “Yes I listened to it twice!” The next day she listened to it five times. I couldn’t believe it. I played it to a close friend and he went nuts and told me “I’m riding around with this on blast and I’ll be the only one who has it!” Everyone who listens to it loves the whole thing. That has inspired and motivated me to write more of my unheard of style. They want  more. I’ll give it to them. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”– Lao Tzu. So I will continue to push on till I have Alzheimer’s. That’s my hip hop upbringing that has no bounds.



What is your background? tell us where you grew up and some information about your upbringing/experiences as a youth: I’m a so called a military brat. My mother was a master chief in the Navy working as a journalist. She write a poem for a air force jet crash killing a pilot to which I don’t know his name. The title was The Aviator. It’s on a plaque in front of a Florida golf course. Me? I was born in Pensacola Florida then she was stationed in Virginia Beach VA Virginia where I grew up.

At what moment did you know that music was part of your life and what feelings did you have towards making an active impact with your music? I was the typical class clown. School was hard in me, but poetry became a swift passion. Just the depth of it drew me in. When I started writing poetry it was a shoulder to lean on in times of darkness. Then other emotions followed making my poetry more and more diverse.

What artists inspired/influences you and if you could collaborate with any artist (alive or passed) who would it be and why? Tupac because he was a poet as well. My poetry got to the point where people told me to write to a Beat.  at that time I did not know Tupac was a poet.

What do you think about the current state of hip hop/mainstream music?  I think it’s diluted because it’s more on the beats other than lyrics in the 90’s.

Currently, what projects do you have in the works that you are most excited about? Finishing some C-mixes that I haven’t got to finish due to the fact I was attending school at ATI for HVAC.

What are your short term career goals within the next 6-10 months? be able to focus more on my writing.  I still have a lot of poems that I’ve written when I was really young.

What are your long term career goals within the next 2-5 years?  Have my family proud of me that I Rose from the ashes and become something great as  was told to me by many. Keep going till I have  dementia or Alzheimer’s.

If you had one song out of the catalogue you have created to show a person what song would it be and why? Deadly Combination,because it was my first recording and it was on my birthday. It was God’s birthday gift to me.

To the person who had never heard of you what is it about your music and story that you would tell them to entice them to be a supporter? I do something I love as should you. You can hear and feel  the emotion within my music by my words of choice.

If your music could be described in five words what would those five words be? Poetic, captivating, filling, vivid, attractive.

What do you bring to the game that is unique and different? Genuine poetry in motion. Detailing words to create imagery and specificness.

To the aspiring artist who is considering a career as a musician what lessons or advice would you give them to inspire them or to uplift them in the journey? Find out what got you started. Hone in on it with dedication, persistence, and your personal perfection.

What are your social media profiles and where can people purchase/download your music? I have yet to find somewhere for it.

What are your final words you would like to say to people that you have left out? I love you and I have not forgotten you.