What is your background? tell us where you grew up and some information about your upbringing/experiences as a youth:

I grew up in East Waco TX with my three sister’s in my Mother.My Mother supported us the best way she could.As a with four females was a challenge. It wasn’t until i moved with my Father at the age of twelve I had to start taking care of myself because my father was always working. So I did what i had to do to stay fed.I experienced lots of things at the age of twelve that no child should have to experience at that age. I lost close friends to violence, I had My first shoot out in K Ross, and I also learned how to put dope on the scale. The females clinged to me as I started making money. I was the go to man for everything Dope, Cell Phones, Jewelry, Cars, Shoes, Computers. If you named it I had It.It was rough growing up in East Waco but it was worth it.My experiences made me who I am today.

At what moment did you know that music was part of your life and what feelings did you have towards making an active impact with your music?

The moment I knew music was apart of my life when I was Five in I heard myself on my tape recorder. From that moment on I knew I wanted to make an impact on my city I wanted everyone in Waco to no my name until my hustle was felt. I got complements from little niggas to grown niggas on my tapes. The crowd heard me on my tapes but didn’t hear me when I came direct. So I knew then I wanted not just my city but the world to hear what i had to say.

What artists inspired/influenced you and if you could collaborate with any artist (alive or passed) who would it be and why?

The Artist that inspired and influenced me was Master P. in UGK. If I could collaborate with any Artist it would be webbie because our record would be savage. I feel like me in webbie on the same page when it comes to music.

What do you think about the current state of hip-hop/mainstream music?

I think the current state of hip hop/mainstream music is gay as fuck niggas ain’t real no more they out here giving up ass to get a record deal or even a spin. If you ask me webbie in boosie in myself the only real niggas left in the game. These niggas out here playing pussy in really getting fucked.

Currently, what projects do you have in the works that you are most excited about?

I’m currently working on a project called Straight With The Paper its a two part release VOL 1. is in stores now in VOL 2. will be released in the first quarter of 2017. I’m Very excited about Vol 2. because I get to work with new Artist In showcase some of my own Artist. It’s just what hip hop needs right now. Some real niggas in the game. Gator in Stackin Guap are on the Straight With The Paper VOL1. in they are doing well in the streets. I’m also working on the remixes for these songs for VOL2

What are your short-term career goals within the next 6-10 months?

In the next 6 to 10 months my short term career goals would be releasing another album in growing in this industry.

What are your long-term career goals within the next 2-5 years?

In the next 2 to 5 years my long term career goals would be to open my own professional recording studio in taking a more executive roll in the game.

If you had one song out of the catalog you have created to show a person what song would it be and why?

If I had to choose one of my songs out of my personal catalogue I created to show someone it would be Stackin Guap because that song makes everyone bob in if they bobbin you got em.

To the person who had never heard of you what is it about your music and story that you would tell them to entice them to be a supporter?

If a person has never heard of me I would entice them to be a supporter by free styling a little bit cause I got a symphony of bars that turns heads

If your music could be described in five words what would those five words be?

If my music could be described in five words they’ll be Live,Trill,Original,country in hood.

What do you bring to the game that is unique and different?

I brought the sauce but sauce walka stole that in don’t want to give it back. Before 2013 it wasn’t no sauce twinz until I went on tour in Houston TX. But they can have that shit because that’s my old school yard flow but I always bring originality to the game all my songs are original in i’m bringing the hood presents back to the game the real hood presents. It’s all freestyles there nothing written so you no its real.

To the aspiring artist who is considering a career as a musician what lessons or advice would you give them to inspire them or to uplift them in the journey?

I would uplift an inspiring artist by letting him/her no to keep focus don’t lose because the second you do you will fall off your road to success even if you feel like you failing keep moving forward in focus on your task at hand.

What are your social media profiles and where can people purchase/download your music?

You can find me on…
soundcloud: Dez PlayaMade  https://soundcloud.com/dezplayamade
   :Twitter: @dez_playaMade_  https://twitter.com/Dez_Playamade_
   :FaceBook: @dezplayaMade  https://www.facebook.com/dezplayamade
   :InstaGram: dez_playaMade  https://www.instagram.com/dez_playamade/
   :Reverbnaton: Dez PlayaMade  https://www.reverbnation.com/dezplayamade

What are your final words you would like to say to people that you have left out?

Young Thug a bitch. Go get my album Straight With The Paper VOL1. it’s in stores now I also want to thank everyone who believed in me in stuck beside me on my journey to success shout out to Now Hip Hop in Moe Rock to my four smart in beautiful kid in my fiance woo bang ❤❤❤ I love y’all y’all are my world in without yall I wouldn’t have the support to be where I’m at.

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