A beatmaker/producer, a loving father and a husband . Started creating sounds in 2002. Started rapping a few years later but never took it really serious. It was and still is all about producing music and making beats.

In 2011 Veejay released a solo rap album only sold locally called Think Bigger. It was a more of a demonstration of his production, beats and rap. The positive reactions and all the love from fans, friends and family kept him doing more and more music, and now is working on even bigger scale by working on a song with Psycho Les (The Beatnuts).

In june 2017 he will drop a album with a upcoming rap artist Shaun Taylor from North Carolina. It will be available on itunes, spotify, amazon, google plus, .. so be on the look out !

  • Like That - Veejay Beatz and Shaun Taylor
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What is your background? tell us where you grew up and some information about your upbringing/experiences as a youth:

I am born and raised in Belgium (Oostende) live in a little town called Bredene. Most of my youth I spend making music in the studio I had built in my parents home, I did rhyme as well but only a couple of years , In those years I did a lot of small festivals etc. But making beats and producing was and is still my #1 thing. I did a lots of recordings for local artists and that way I learned so much about how and what to do with vocals, beats and producing.

At what moment did you know that music was part of your life and what feelings did you have towards making an active impact with your music?

I was really young when I realized that music is MY LIFE the feeling I had the first time when I heard Hip Hop music is indescribable. So at the age of 12 I got my first software to make beats, it was Fruityloops on a old slow computer we had and I was fully hooked sins then. After school, weekends, vacations, I was making beats !

What artists inspired/influences you and if you could collaborate with any artist (alive or passed) who would it be and why? My influences are :

Dr.Dre,, The Beatnuts, Wu Tang Clan, J Cole , Big Pun, Dilated Peoples, G eazy, .. and the list goes on.. If I could collaborate with any artist it is The Rza he is the real abbot. Ive read both of his books ( Wu Manual & The Tao Of Wu) and it’s a inspiring and motivating experience it kept me focus in so many things and in some way I dedicate this one project called Black Water I am now working on with Sean Taylor from North Carolina to him. It should be out online everywhere in June 2017 shoutout to Black Caviar Music to make this happen.

What do you think about the current state of hip hop/mainstream music?

I think its all good. But don’t like the way mainstream rappers/producers try to sound like everyone else. Miss the Hip Hop times when rappers/producers were more original and different. But there is so much good stuff out there still so its all good.

Currently, what projects do you have in the works that you are most excited about?

I am working on a album called Black Water with my boy Sean Taylor from North Carolina, this is gonna be real hot cause its Real Hip Hop you know? It will be available online in June 2017 (itunes,spotify… etc). And I have some other projects I’m working on a instrumental album as well and, a couple of other tracks and a song with the Legendary Psycho Les that will be released in summer of 2017

I am really honored and excited with the song I will bring out with Psycho Les (The Beatnuts) this summer. I grew up listening to The Beatnuts. Once you go funk There is No Escapin This, you know?

What are your short term career goals within the next 6-10 months?

Make sure everything I bring out is well promoted and is heard cause real Hip Hop headz deserve good music and that’s what I really feel.

What are your long term career goals within the next 2-5 years?

Keep making music and collaborate with artists all over the world that is my goal. Live music life forever. Give people opportunities they usually dont get.

If you had one song out of the catalogue you have created to show a person what song would it be and why?

This one is difficult to answer cause I have so much music I need to mix and put together yet and collabs that are going on. but if I have to choose right now It would be the instrumental I made called World Connect ( itunes,..).because in this instrumental you can hear the boombap drums and the funky sounds I played, it is something you can relax to and spit a hot verse on it, it is a lounge vibe.

To the person who had never heard of you what is it about your music and story that you would tell them to entice them to be a supporter?

my music is full of emotions and rides that take you to places you never been without even moving. This is HIP HOP and. If you never heard real Hip Hop cause of the distractions in the mainstream you should listen to Veejay Beatz for sure.

If your music could be described in five words what would those five words be?

Real, emotions, hard, relaxing, storytelling vibe.

What do you bring to the game that is unique and different?

My style is different, I keep it super simple with the music I make, cause that makes it special and my style totally unique, and from where Im from its hard to find guys that are doing what I do. I don’t only make beats but I produce songs it’s a big difference. I am always looking for artists that are really good but are unheard and work together with them and now sins my music is getting published they all get the chance to get their music out the right way thanx to Black Caviar Music

To the aspiring artist who is considering a career as a musician what lessons or advice would you give them to inspire them or to uplift them in the journey?

Keep making music, believe in it, work hard and invest in your music !!

What are your social media profiles and where can people purchase/download your music?

My music is findable on itunes, amazon, spotify, google play, youtube, twitter.. Search Veejay Beatz and you will find me ! ( Veejay Beatz & Shaun Taylor – Black Water available online in june 2017 )

What are your final words you would like to say to people that you have left out?

I wanna thank Black Caviar Music for being here for me and publishing my music. I wanna thank Psycho Les (The Beatnuts) for giving me the opportunity to work with the legend himself.,

Thank you to all who support my music !

Follow me on : instagram: veejaysingh89 – – snapchat: vee89singh – twitter: @veejaybeatz


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