Charles Mission has been selected as one of the premier artists to be graced with the coveted cover of NHH Magazine. He has earned this achievement with his years of persistence alongside the talent he has showcased with his music released. Get the inside scoop of his journey with next month’s issue!


Calvin Matthews AKA, Charles Mission was born in Harlem, NY. Raised in Rosedale, Queens. He was the one that was always in trouble out of all of his friends. He started doing music when he was 16 years old in a residential treatment center for teens called Graham Windham. The other kids there encouraged him to try to do one song with them, and he was hooked. He came up with CBBCOD(Can’t.Be.Broke.Cash.On.Deck) with the concept that “If you cant be broke, then your cash on deck.” He stuck with that phrase and applied it into everything he did. Rapping over any beat from his favorite artist (Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Juelz Santana) in his older friends home studio in Springfield Gardens, Queens. In 2010, Mission discovered about SoundCloud through a fellow up and coming artist, where he uploaded his first couple songs under the username “Smokegoonmaybakk”. In the summer of 2011, he got into some big trouble, catching a gun charge and fighting his case on Rikers Island.

On February 5, 2012, Mission went through one of the hardest times in his life. He lost his childhood friend, Cody James Khan to gun violence in South Jamaica Queens. That hurt Mission to the core. Mission was released from Washington Correctional Facility on December 9, 2013. And he was having trouble adjusting to the guidelines of his post-release supervision when he got home, and ended up having to do a year violation and returned back home on March 15, 2015. Still having the same trouble of adjusting to paroles guidelines, during the summer of 2015 Mission was on the run from parole and living the wild life. And two weeks after his birthday, on August 23, 2015, Mission was shot at close range 5 times in both his legs, right arm, and stomach. After maxing out on his 2.5 years post-release supervision in June 2016, Mission eased his way back into the booth, recreating his sound, getting comfortable in better equip studios, and slowly building his network. He feels that he has a purpose on this earth and in life and expresses it with his music. From losing his best friend to gun violence while on Rikers Island, to almost losing his own life. Mission unravels his life bit by bit with his records.


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