We had the pleasure of interviewing an up and coming, talented artist “DollarSign DaVinci” from GA – He has an amazing sound and story and this is just the beginning of his incredible journey.

What is your background? tell us where you grew up and some information about your upbringing/experiences as a youth:

My name is Alfonya Rondal McCray JR and I was born and raised in Albany, GA all my life. I’m 26 years old and I have been making music sense I was 12 years old. Coming up in life I had no guidance to lead me in the right direction so I started leading myself and others that have been mislead in the same way. I was abused and neglected as a child so I didn’t know how it feel to be an ordinary child. I started making music to ease my pain from the situation that I was having in life. Sense I was young I always love to make music and do talent shows at school. I was also the leading singer in chorus but I never recognized that I could until I got older. When I start growing up I start learning more about life so I started striving harder for success so I can reach my goals in life to be successful.

At what moment did you know that music was part of your life and what feelings did you have towards making an active impact with your music?

The moment that I recognize that my music was apart of my life is when I started being serious with the inner me cause that what makes my music better and better because I’m actually able to express the way I feel.

What artists inspired/influences you and if you could collaborate with any artist (alive or passed) who would it be and why?

Well to be honest it’s only a selected few that I would actually do work with like 2 Pac, Notorious BIG, Lil Wayne , Eminem, Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, NBA Young Boy, Lil Baby, Plies, T.I., & Lil Bowow. The reason that I would collaborate with these artist is because I grew up on there music and I can relate to there music more than anybody.

What do you think about the current state of hip hop/mainstream music?

I think that it’s good for entertainment and helps people learn from the next person situation.

Currently, what projects do you have in the works that you are most excited about?

Currently, I have a single releasing named “ Georgia “ and I have a EP releasing June 26 name “ GED “ The Game Plan coming soon

What are your short term career goals within the next 6-10 months?

My short terms goals are to be in a house, have a car, and have my business successfully accomplished .

What are your long term career goals within the next 2-5 years?

My long term goals are to become a master craft in everything that I have learned.

If you had one song out of the catalog you have created to show a person what song would it be and why?

“ Dreams Of Royalty “ Because I want everybody to understand that they can dream and make their dream a reality if they believe in their self and keep good first.

To the person who had never heard of you what is it about your music and story that you would tell them to entice them to be a supporter?

I wouldn’t actually hath to entice them because real music speaks for itself.

If your music could be described in five words what would those five words be?

“ GREAT ! “  like Tony Tiger frosted flakes lol sorry y’all just showing a little sense of humor.

What do you bring to the game that is unique and different?

 A totally different sound, expression, inspiration, motivation, and a very unique picture of life

To the aspiring artist who is considering a career as a musician what lessons or advice would you give them to inspire them or to uplift them in the journey?

I would advise them to keep GOD first foremost and to believe in themselves no matter what.

What are your social media profiles and where can people purchase/download your music ?

I don’t have any at the moment but I do have a YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, ETC

What are your final words you would like to say to people that you have left out?

Actually, I wouldn’t even acknowledge them because if I leave them out they had to do something to me that made me stop dealing with them.

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