Akash Ahuja (@akashlife) posted a selfie with “Down” singer, Jay Sean, on his Instagram and captioned it “@jaysean we need to do a push-up contest! If you win, I’ll donate $5,000 (4 lakhs INR) to any charity of your choice. If I win, you gotta hop on my next song!” Within 24 hours, Jay Sean responded to Ahuja’s challenge, teasing the young artist saying things like “I hope you’re training as hard for this push-up contest as you should be… how many push-ups can you even do? I can do 60-70, that’s the level I’m on!” The story was then leaked by entertainment blogger Viral Bhayani, who posted a one minute video on his Instagram of the two artists poking fun at each other.

This week, Akash posted a clip during a training session where he teases Sean saying “I don’t even need to train to whoop you, I could eat cakes all day and still win.” all while doing Jay Sean’s famous british accent, “I’m talking 80-90, that’s the level I’m on mate.” Shortly after, he is seen doing weighted push-ups with Jay Sean’s “Down” playing in the background. The two’s public feud immediately began trending, garnering the attention of celebrities like Drake, Snoop Dogg, Akon, and Russell Peters who hopped in on the roasts. 

Amidst all this, Akash released his music video for “Aaja Soniye”. It became the  first video to land Akash 1 million views. The “Akash Life University” merchandise seen in the video was subsequently released and sold out within hours! All the money Ahuja raised will be going towards funding education for the underprivileged. Akash Ahuja and Jay Sean have done an incredible job of getting Indian talent global recognition and we hope to see a collaboration between the two in the near future!