Most DJs and music producers strictly stick to producing and performing. However, entrepreneur Alex Kosloff has taken the steps needed to cement himself as someone who is more than just an artist, thanks to running his own digital marketing agency. Still, these days his passion is music, which is why it comes as no surprise that he is now known as one of the best open-format college DJs in the United States.

Sasha Goat has recently released new music that has been making waves. His latest remix of fellow music artist Camila Cabello’s “My Oh My” is a recent release Sasha Goat has been enjoying increasing success with. However, the biggest banger to come out from Sasha Goat in 2020 has been U B, which he worked on together with Blix. This track has blown up on Soundcloud, which has helped propel Alex’s music career to new heights in 2020.

As Sasha Goat, Alex spins all over the US. However, with social distancing mandates being enforced in many locations, he has had to adapt to the times and map out gigs in locations where it is still possible to have live events relatively easily.

Unfazed and undeterred by recent challenges when it comes to live events, Alex has locked in a massive DJing gig in Orlando, FL on January 17th at Knight Library. This is going to be a significant event for Sasha Goat, and is something that he has been preparing for in order to make it a night to remember.

Alex Kosloff, aka Sasha Goat, is a DJ and music producer who is starting to turn heads especially on college campuses nationwide. With the big event coming up in Orlando, he is sure to expand his name beyond colleges and make it onto the national stage.

As someone who is always looking to expand his horizons, Alex also runs a digital marketing agency called Society Goat. This agency has been helping celebrities improve their social media presence. For the past five years, Society Goat has teamed up with major celebrities to help them achieve better results on social media platforms like Instagram.

What Society Goat focuses on is improving strategic outbound engagements, helping celebrity accounts grow, and assist in developing industry-leading content. This agency is passionate about solving problems for big names and works closely with them to ensure successful partnerships are formed that deliver unparalleled results. Celebrities and influencers can receive professional help with their content creation, engagement, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, and more.

To keep up with the latest music, events, and other developments from Alex, you can follow him on Instagram @SASHAGOAT and subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can also head over to his website. Finally, to hear some of the latest tracks from SashaGoat, you can go over to his Soundcloud page.

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