Garrick Wilson born ; in Jamaica Queens, NY also known by his stage name “Neko Da Roll-N-Stone” is an American Contemporary/Crossover Artist, Songwriter, Engineer and entrepreneur. Neko has released an mixtape every single year since 2009. He furthered proved his passion, diligence, and consistency once he released a remarkable 12 mix tape/ E.P projects in a 12 month interval in 2014 finishing with an album release in 2015. This solidifies him as one of the hardest working artists to date. Neko started his music career in 2003, mastering the percussion family of instruments. Showing further versatility, Neko has mastered the Marimba, Piano, Guitar, and Trumpet. His favorite original quote “Peace love and Hippiness” speaks volumes of the energy his music embodies; there is no wonder this young revolutionary is inspired by legends such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and his grandfather Stanley Beckford. Neko stands out from that of the cliche rap artist connotation, being that he has no need to crutch on profanity to create a masterpiece and therefore doesn’t use any in his music. He instead utilizes his vocabulary and uses his voice as its own unique instrument. Being versatile is natural for Neko; he can also mix, master, and still to this day records his own music. With Neko’s undeniable talent and promise he found himself accepting a deal with the Management deal with a Firm in May 2015; where he was one of the most prominent talents. It is fair to suggest with all that Neko has going for himself, he will one day go down in history as one of the greatest multifaceted artists the culture has ever seen. 

As of 2020 Neko has been on a four year hiatus from releasing music to further his entrepreneurial ventures with opening his own professional recording studio in Atlanta called New Wave Studios ATL. Neko has never stopped recording during this time and is set to start releasing music again at the top the year.

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