Today, Connecticut born singer and songwriter, AJDaGuru dropped his highly anticipated single, “Seen It All.” Slated to be featured on his upcoming studio album, A Different Side Of Me, AJ opens up and pours his heart out on the new single. In an attempt to give fans a deeper look into his life, AJ goes into detail about some of the challenging obstacles he’s had to overcome in his life – including negative influences and the sudden passing of multiple family members.

But through it all, he has managed to stand tall and overcome any challenges looking to steer him the wrong way. On Seen It All, AJ shares all of that pain with us. A few years back, during an interview, Aj was asked, “Why do you love music so much?” He answered, “Because it’s the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone.”

Music has always been a vital part of AJ’s life. At just 12, he began beatboxing and producing music. Growing up, both of his parents inspired him to take music seriously and incorporate it into his life. Aside from Seen It All, AJ’s newly released instrumental, Sledge Family Rules, charted at no. 43 on the top iTunes 200 charts in South Africa.

In addition to Seen It All, AJ has already shot an official music video to accompany the song. Directed by Dillon Love, AJ brings us back to the days when struggled to become the man he is today. In a number of emotional shots, he gives it his all, singing, “I seen it all, on the block hustling, I seen it all / Lost it, got it back, I seen it all / Death in my family, I seen It alI / cannot lie, I swear I seen it all.” The melodic beat, which has been composed and produced by AJDaGuru himself, shows his ability to wear a number of musical hats and deliver quality music.

For those who may not know, this isn’t AJ’s first time serving as a producer for his own work. In 2015, he shared the first part of his instrumental series, Livestrumentals Volume 1. He later followed up with Livestrumentals Volume 2 in 2016.

A Different Side Of Me has no official release date at this time, but is slated to arrive some time this year. Mid-December, AJDaGuru teased his track, “Sweep You Up” on Instagram, which may appear on the upcoming album. Expected to be fully produced by AJ, the new project will feature no guest appearances.

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