Not many rising music artists can boast of having over 100 unreleased songs they are sitting on, just waiting to be released. Even fewer have their own music label, which is what Oakland-based Bay Area rapper Bruh Bruh has.

Starting out rapping at the age of 12 helped Bruh Bruh get an early start on his music career. This allowed him to spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting his style. When his older brother heard how good his cassette demo tapes were, he went out and bought him a recording studio. This shot up the production value significantly and helped Bruh Bruh get more confident in his abilities as a rap artist.

As someone who has been rapping ever since he was a kid, Bruh Bruh has been a bit of a prodigy in other areas as well. He embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that drives him to achieve ever-greater success. That is why he ended up turning down two music label deals he was recently offered.

Bruh Bruh has never forgotten about his local roots. As someone who was born and raised in West Oakland, CA in the Campbell Village area, he knows how hard some people have it. That is why he gives back and participates in the community when he can. Recently, he even did a $10,000 giveaway on Christmas Eve at a local Walmart. Since the pandemic wreaked havoc on many financially, and he had the means to help, he decided to give back. Bruh Bruh believes that whatever you give you will receive back.

As both an artist and entrepreneur, Bruh Bruh is sure to continue going down the road to ever-greater success. This is one artist who is determined, dedicated, and driven to achieve greatness, which is exactly why he is likely to do so.

You can follow Bruh Bruh on Instagram @900bruhbruh and on Twitter @900bruhbruh.

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