Since the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic has caused immeasurable challenges to all parts of the globe and for all kinds of people. Fortunately, hope wasn’t entirely lost for everyone such as the artist namedAfterboy.

Afterboy is a musician from London that produces a mix of alternative hip-hop and rock songs. Some of his fans, which are found on hisInstagram profile, have even given considered his music in its own genre because it is known to be extraordinarily diverse. Afterboy has been creating music for years now, even throughout the pandemic and he has struck some solid gold.

Thanks to a couple of his latest songs called Bad Dreams and 666 Missed Calls, Afterboy has been getting some serious attention on Spotify, the number one music streaming platform in the world. As a result of these song’s success, Afterboy released his second EP called “Bad Dreams.”

All About Afterboy’s “Bad Dreams”

Afterboy’s latest EP is named after his song Bad Dreams. It is one of his recent songs and one of the two that has gained him a ton of new listeners on the Spotify platform. There are a total of five songs in this mini-album, including Bad Dreams and 666 Missed Calls. For fans who know Afterboy, each song has deep emotional meaning behind them.

The song that made Afterboy “Afterboy”

When asked in an interview byCelebmix soon after the Bad Dreams EP release, Afterboy explained that he named the EP after the song because he felt that Bad Dreams clearly identified him as his stage name, “Afterboy.”

The song helped him realize who he really is, so he wanted his listeners to feel the same way. He went on to say that if people were to ask him who Afterboy is, he would confidently respond with Bad Dreams.

Afterboy’s inspirations for his latest EP

One of the reasons why Afterboy became a musician and one that drives his music is because of his love for other similar artists. One of the main artists that he draws inspiration from is Juice WRLD.

Juice WRLD has also created music in the hip/hop genre, as well as rap. If you’re a fan of both Juice WRLD and Afterboy, you will notice the close similarities of tunes and style between the two. Other sources of inspiration for Afterboy are XXXTentacion, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Peep, and much more.

How Afterboy creates his music

Besides gaining motivation from fellow artists, Afterboy also draws ideas for song lyrics through his emotions. In his interview with Celebmix, he mentioned that his Bad Dreams EP songs were actually written over a year ago.

All of these songs were written according to the vibe he was feeling at the time, which he says is why many of his fans can relate to them. For instance, 666 Missed Calls is Afterboys favorite track on his EP list. This is because when he wrote the song, it gave a sense of empowerment to overcome any kind of struggle or difficulty. This made him feel good and wanted others to also know that they can handle anything that life throws at them.

The time is now for Afterboy, thanks to the huge traction that two of his latest releases are getting on Spotify. His recent release of the Bad Dreams EP and the powerful following it gained is just a glimpse of the great things to come from this up and coming artist.

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