The pandemic was a major setback for businesses and events around the world, with the music industry being no exception. Musicians and composers felt the brunt of COVID-19 outbreaks that affected countries around the world. To manage this disaster and survive the situation, musicians and artists across the world came up with innovative methods to reach their audiences. Matteo Belcastro is one such musician who managed to keep his followers hooked even during the pandemic.

Musicians usually depend on shows and other physical appearances for revenue. Since the pandemic began, people have been confined to their homes and restricted from attending any kind of public gatherings. This has resulted in a complete ban on musical performances and concerts, leaving musicians hapless for months. Travel and meets were also not allowed. However, some musicians like Belcastro were able to turn this adversity into opportunity.

The fact that people were confined to their home homes gave Belcastro an idea. He knew that people would become increasingly dependent on virtual forms of entertainment as travel was prohibited worldwide. Soon after the pandemic hit, Belcastro began hosting virtual gigs online, allowing him to continue entertaining his audience. He used the power of social media to great effect in order to reach out to his fans.

Even on social media, where competition for attention and notoriety is fierce, Belcastro’s talent was clearly recognized. While some people labeled him as a “fake” musician, ultimately nothing could stop him from doing what he wanted to do. He used his Instagram and Facebook accounts as a platform to release his music, to considerable success. He started a music studio at home. With a relatively small investment, he was able to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Belcastro has been able to reach people through the genuine emotion present in his music. He has chosen to focus on the hip-hop genre and tried to give his online gigs a unique and personal touch. Hip-hop has evolved considerably from what it was a few decades back. From the instrumentals, to the language, to the beats, everything has been modified.

The language of present-day hip-hop music could be considered the true language of the people. This language helps the audience connect to the music and subsequently to the musician. Belcastro has mastered the art of connecting with his audience. His charming and engaging music has always managed to keep his fans hooked.

To amplify their presence on social media, more musicians have begun collaborating with each other. This was already prevalent in physical shows, but with the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, these meetings have begun taking place virtually. Musicians are recording their parts of a song separately and sending them to a common producer who releases one music video after editing each recording.

Matteo Belcastro has made use of many innovative methods to entertain his audience virtually. More and more musicians can use him as a great example of how to engage with their audiences even in this pandemic situation.