Artists don’t become stars overnight. It takes a lot of passion and hard work to achieve success in life because sheer talent is just not enough if one does not know how to manage their career. The most difficult part of stardom is knowing how to manage it and prolong it. In this immensely competitive world stars are carefully watched and criticized for every small mistake. Hence, it becomes important to manage their career skilfully to display them in a positive light to the fans. This is where management companies step in to represent the stars in a whole new way that helps them to grab more limelight. Andy Kabamba is a master of this art. His company 365 Management has been working with big names in the music and film industry.

Andy Kabamba began his journey in 2015 by starting his management company 365 Management. Initially, the company worked with only 2 producers. As time went by, Andy got a lot more experienced and gained more contacts, he was able to grow his company to great heights. Today, 365 Management is working with top-notch clients from music and film industries like music legend T-Pain and famous actor Lakeith Stanfield. The company is planning Stanfield’s transition from acting to the music industry and helping him to manage both careers. Other notable clients of 365 Management are multi-platinum songwriter/ producer/ Artist/ A1 Bentley, Grammy award-winning Producer Dre Moon, etc.

Besides being his client, Dre Moon is also a close friend and supporter of Andy Kabamba. He has been there since the inception of 365 Management, being the one who came up with the name of the company and sharing the vision for it. Andy Kabamba accelerated the growth of his business with persistence, hard work, and honesty. These qualities of him have managed to earn a reputation for the company among industry stalwarts like Kathryn Frazier Biz 3, Mari of Lymelite Media, and Legendary CEO Steve Rifkind.

Andy Kabamba achieved all the fame and success within a short period of time. However, his journey has been filled with numerous challenges. The most common among them was learning the skill and patience to deal with a client’s “no”, then convincingly turning it into a “maybe” and finally converting it into a “yes”. Andy Kabamba is passionate about his work and wants to work with more and more celebrities and star performers.

His biggest inspiration for 365 Management is his father and his son. He is grateful to his clients for having the faith in him and his company. He ensures that his clients get the best service from his company no matter what the situation is. Even in these trying times of pandemic-induced restrictions, Andy Kabamba turned the company operations into a virtual model without affecting its services. All his work is now happening via phone calls, emails, zoom calls, and numerous studio sessions.

Being the blood nephew of Dikembe Mutombo, the Congolese-American former professional basketball player, Andy Kabamba was interested in basketball since his childhood. His dream client is NBA superstar player Ryan Mutombo, with whom he wants to work as 365 Management ventures into the sports industry. Andy Kabamba is excited about expanding his business and his next major focus is representing famous sports personalities. Andy is active on Instagram and maintains an Instagram page for 365 Management.

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