When Matthieu Miguel first started his journey as a music producer and songwriter, his goal was to make his music become more popular and gain a following for his work. Using his talent, it didn’t take long before he started getting more and more attention from the public. It began when he initiated his project called Daily Squad and collaborated with other artists to release new tracks.

All tracks of Daily Squad are available on their official website. Links to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Deezer are available on the website. One of the music streaming platforms that Matthieu Miguel has made his songs available on is Spotify. Daily Squad started in September 2020 and released two tracks in the same year. The popularity of the songs was beginning to grow and more people were recognizing Matthieu and Daily Squad.

It’s not very easy for someone who had his debut in the music industry to have more than 26,000 listeners from 89 different countries worldwide in four months. This goes to show how well-known and loved Daily Squad’s songs are. The total streams exceeded 30,000 and the songs were listened to for over 1300 hours in 2020.

Matthieu Miguel acknowledges that while these are amazing numbers, Daily Squad can reach greater heights. Seeing how his first two songs attracted a lot of attention, he was inspired more and began to deliver nothing but the best in all his works. There are already three more songs released in 2021 and Daily Squad is only getting started. They plan on releasing more tracks this year and growing their audience.

One of the goals that every musician has is the chance to perform live and gain more exposure. For Matthieu Miguel, he is working on opportunities for gigs that will allow him to be seen widely by the public that will boost his personal brand and that of Daily Squad. He wants to share the raw emotion of songs with his listeners and wants to perform live to connect better with his audience. He is waiting for the right opportunity to come along to make live appearances and perform in front of crowds of people.

Matthieu Miguel wants his tracks to gain a lot of attention and recognition. He is working hard to consistently deliver hits with his tracks so that he gets more recognition and has more opportunities. When the opportunity arises and the perfect moment arrives, he is ready to grab it and gain more recognition.

Matthieu Miguel wants Daily Squad to be recognized by music lovers as the producers of emotional music that touches them. He wants all of his tracks to be enjoyable and have a message for the listeners that they appreciate and can relate to. Most of the songs have themes of love, friendship, and heartbreak. These emotions are almost universally felt by every person and hence are perfect for Daily Squad to attract a large audience.

Matthieu Miguel gained a lot of attention due to his authenticity in evoking emotions in listeners. He understands the power of an effective combination of music, vocals, and lyrics to have a huge impact on listeners. He wants music lovers to feel the same emotions he feels as a songwriter in every one of his songs.

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