The music industry has significantly benefited from the rise of social media platforms and streaming sites. The digital age marks one of the biggest shifts in the industry. There are now more platforms for new artists to make a mark for themselves and gain a reputation and following for their music.

Born in New York and raised In Jamaica, Klassik Frescobar is a top Soca artist who has taken over the industry with his unique fusion of Soca music and Dancehall. He has produced top hits like ‘Boom’, ‘Looking Good’, and ‘Like Dat Remix’.

Immersing himself into one of the Caribbean’s most popular music genres, Klassik says that he sees a promising future for Soca music. His love and appreciation for music started when he was a young kid. Growing up with Soca and Dancehall music influenced him a lot and pushed him to have a career in the music industry.

Soca means “soul of calypso” and the music started with Trinidadian artist Lord Shorty who added an Indian twist to calypso. According to Lord Shorty, this music was multicultural as it combined the music of East Indian and African descendants in the Caribbean. What makes Klassik Frescobar’s music unique is his ability to fuse Soca and Dancehall to deliver a whole new vibe.

His journey to success in the music industry, like most people, was not without challenges. Through determination, hard work, and an undying passion for music, he established and solidified his spot. To grow his music career, Klassik notes he had to relocate to Miami from Jamaica.

According to Klassik, Soca is a cultural phenomenon that the world should get to experience. Thanks to technological advancements, more people are now aware of Soca music and appreciate the genre and its cultural representation. Though Soca music has been around since the 70s, its popularity outside the Caribbean has only just begun to grow with the help of top artists like Klassik.

Speaking about Soca music and the advancements in the digital world, Klassik says that Soca fits modern music tastes. It is upbeat, soulful, and re-energizes listeners. Looking at current music trends, especially among young people, Soca music will fit right into their music taste.

Klassik also credits digital distribution for the growth of Soca music internationally. Soca musicians have struggled for recognition in a competitive industry with legends like John King saying that music labels have hindered the international growth of Soca. When he left New York for Miami to launch his career in Soca, Klassik was determined to let the world hear his music and grow an appreciation for this genre.

Social media has played an integral part in spreading the popularity of Soca music. Through his social media platforms, Klassik promotes his music while also attracting and interacting with fans from all over the world. His YouTube channel has been instrumental in growing his reach. Thanks to Soca music, more new artists can now draw inspiration and build a fan following for themselves as they enter the music industry.

You can follow Klassik Frescobar on his journey by following him on Instagram. Get to know more about his upcoming projects and releases on his official website.

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