Fans of Zona Man and G Herbo are in for a treat. The undeniably talented artists have collaborated to drop an unforgettable single, one that may just be their best yet. In “How I Started,” the rappers share a glimpse into their past, the lessons they’ve learned, and the struggles they’ve experienced to get where they are today. All the while, they tell the story of their successes through masterful rap lyrics.

“How I Started” perfectly demonstrates the incredible talent of these two rappers who are bound to become household names. Their recent collaboration has brought both of them to another level. In “How I Started,” Zona Man and G Herbo bring out the best in each other, highlighting why they’re becoming huge stars on the scene. They each have unique styles that they bring to the single, but also have shared experiences in their past. They both hail from Chicago, which is part of the reason they’re able to work together so flawlessly. Zona Man and G Herbo’s impressive careers show that with talent and hard work, you can build yourself up from tough circumstances and create the life of your dreams.

That talent and hard work is paying off for both of them, and G Herbo has already started giving back to the community he grew up in. In 2018, he supported the redevelopment of a local elementary school to provide beneficial programs to students in need. G Herbo’s contributions to the school provided equipment for children interested in music, and created after school programs to enrich their lives instead of leaving them to the streets.

In addition to supporting extracurricular activities, in 2020 G Herbo created a program for kids called Swervin’ Through Stress. This initiative supports the mental health and wellness of Black students through a therapeutic, 12-week course. While the rapper is on the top of his game and only getting better, it wasn’t always that way. G Herbo openly talks about the challenges he’s faced, and how he wants to give back and support kids who may be experiencing similar situations. This connection to his past has empowered his community, and built an incredible reputation for the rapper.

Zona Man has also paid homage to his past with his single “Grandma House.” In that track, he reflects on his path to success and those who supported him. The single features Tory Lanez and Young Thug, two huge names in the rap industry. Zona Man has also worked with Future, who signed him to his Freebandz label in 2015. Since then, Zona Man has created his own record label, No Advance.

With “How I Started” climbing the charts and a new record label taking off, it’s clear that Zona Man and G Herbo are an unstoppable duo. The track is impressive not just for fans of the rappers, but anyone on the lookout for talent they may not have discovered yet. Both Zona Man and G Herbo have worked with the biggest names in the rap game, and it’s only a matter of time until they experience huge mainstream success. Listening to the track will show you how they started, and following their career will show you how they’ll succeed.

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