Miloud, the young musician from The Netherlands has been gaining a lot of attention online over the past few years. With a talent for music, he has drawn a strong following across various social media platforms. He got a lot of support from the online community when he started releasing music throughSpotify.

At a very young age, Miloud had always found himself interested in being able to reach a wider audience through the internet. He started building friendships and gained followers on social media sites. When he was only nine years of age, he created an account in Hyves, a social media platform very popular in the Netherlands during the time. In a short period of time, Miloud became one of the most well-known people on Hyves and even became one of the top 20 most respected people on the platform.

Twitter became the next stop for Miloud, where he began sharing music and other content back when he was only 11 years old. It didn’t take a while for the young man to receive the same amount of success he got from Hyves as he was constantly trending. During those years, Miloud’s Twitter account became the first account by a teenager in the Netherlands and Belgium.

A number of social networking sites started to rise during the early 2010s that were interesting and challenged the dominance of Facebook and Twitter. Miloud started exploring Instagram since the photo-sharing site was beginning to take over and interest a lot of people. After some time, he gained the same popularity on Instagram as he had on other social networking sites.

TikTok became a prominent site for sharing short videos in the most creative ways. Miloud took full advantage of this and created his own TikTok account and immediately started uploading videos of some of his music and covers. To his surprise, his following on the site started growing quickly and he was able to attract more followers by regularly releasing content. This achievement thrilled Miloud and made him more inspired to impress his audience.

Miloud began making music at the age of 14 but chose to keep it private. He waited for the perfect moment which came during the pandemic when the world went into lockdown. In April 2020, he started releasing his music on Spotify. A lot of people were stuck in their homes and had the free time to explore new music. Emerging artists like Miloud benefited from this development and he began to make an impact with his music.

Miloud has released more than five songs via Spotify and all of them became successive hits. Within just six months, he has garnered over 21.5k monthly listeners on the music streaming platform. Another milestone Miloud achieved just recently was reaching 1.5 million total streams on Spotify, verifying his status as a young artist to keep an eye on.

Miloud continues to make music for his fans and draw more listeners from around the world. He is a testament to the power of social media in discovering talents and giving them a platform to showcase their skills to a larger audience. There is no stopping Miloud now as he is working hard to establish himself as a top music artist in the future.

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