Ryan Hodge is a 23-year-old folk-rock artist from Salt Lake City, Utah, who is slowly making a name for himself in contemporary folk music. He has been singing since he was six years old and his parents have always been very supportive of him. Ryan started performing when he was in school during school functions and stage activities. Everybody realized his talent and potential to become a star.

During his teenage years, Ryan began to get interested in folk music, loving it for its depth. He started to listen to some classic folk-rock artists like Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, and Neil Young. Besides singing, Ryan invested some time to learn to play the guitar. This allowed him to start writing his own music.

Poetry is something Ryan was good at when he was in school. This made it easier for him to transition to writing songs. He considers Bob Dylan as his greatest influence when it comes to writing songs as he admired the legendary artist’s courage when he wrote songs. By the age of 16, Ryan had written over ten songs and stored them in the chest storage box in the attic.

When he started college, Ryan was invited by a relative to perform at his local bar in Salt Lake City. The thought of performing live and in front of a big audience initially scared Ryan, making him hesitant about accepting the offer. After some time, he realized the exposure the opportunity would give him and accepted it.

Ryan gained a lot of exposure and was able to make some money that covered his fees in college. He played some covers of classic folk-rock songs and would occasionally play some of his original music.

When he was 19 years of age, Ryan was spotted by a local music producer in Utah during one of his performances. He was invited to play a sample of his music for the possibility of one of his songs being released. Ryan chose to play his song “Drive-By”, a song about learning to go with the flow in life. The song impressed the music producer and was immediately scheduled for release a few months later.

While making music and still performing at some bars, Ryan didn’t drop out of college. He knew the value of having a college degree and continued his studies. At age 22, he graduated with honors in English Language and Literature. Now as a graduate with a promising music career, the future looks amazing for Ryan.

His talent and passion for music were fueled by his desire to give back to his family and community. Ryan wants to become an inspiration to aspiring artists like him, especially those who are trying hard to manage their studies and grow as music artists. He is working hard to create a name for himself and establish himself as a top music artist. According to Ryan, loving what you do, appreciating the process, and enjoying the results are the keys to success in the music industry.

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