Walter Weekes is a rising young artist from Atlanta, GA. He is a multi-talented artist and doubles as a songwriter, singer, and music producer. Weekes lyrical prowess and unique music writing skills are extraordinary. He is proving to be a superb songwriter with his captivating vibes. Weekes’ music production skills have resulted in being one of the youngest and most sought-after music producers in the U.S.. He is a force to reckon with in the industry and is expected to continue to gain prominence in the business of music.

Walter Weekes is known for his unique and rare music sound, a fusion of soft rock and jazz with a hip-hop touch. Recently, he fascinated his audience with his latest release dubbed “Feelings.” The single has caused quite a stir in the airwaves owing to his magical sound that perfectly blends with the beats. “It couldn’t be any better! Weekes is the master lyrical wizard of the decade!” says one of his ardent fans.

Coming from a complicated past, Walter Weekes says that he had to help his family and see himself through high school. He talks openly about his feelings about life. “I have seen it all in this life! From going to bed on an empty stomach, being thrown out of our rented house, to sleeping out in the cold. My family didn’t have the financial means to support my music dreams. I have worked my way up to record my latest single. I just want to encourage those who may be at their breaking moments. Never give up! You’ve got only one life to live”. Weekes opens up about the inspiration behind his recent single “Feelings.”

Growing up, Walter Weekes would spend most of his days listening to notable names in the industry, such as Akon, Toni Braxton, and the legendary English group UB40. He acknowledges them as his primary source of inspiration because he has never given up on his music career. Being an artist in a hip-hop-dominated music industry seemed to be a significant challenge. However, with all the focus given to the hip-hop scene, Weekes had to dig deep into his abilities to showcase his talent.

“Feelings” is a perfectly blended single with soft rock, jazz, and some hip-hop rhythms. The young Atlanta-based singer works as an independent artist, which gives him the freedom to be flexible and incorporate his unique creativity into his music. “Most of my followers expected me to secure a recording deal with a well-known label. But, I have always wanted to work my way as an independent artist. I love my freedom.”

“Growing up in Atlanta as one of America’s music cities with many recording facilities has helped me. I have learned so much and have been able to find my way into the competitive music industry. Most of the top artists were where I was at some point and they conquered all the barriers to become music icons,” said Weekes as he reminisces about his music journey. At 20 years of age, Weekes has greater dreams and aspirations for more singles and hits in the future. He hopes to establish his own music label to practice his music production skills and grow his career.

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