There are plenty of music lovers who love to create mixtapes to show their passion for music. Even great music artists of industry sometimes make mixtapes just because they enjoy it and to express their taste and emotions. In such people, we can count Greg Money Jones who has created some audio nirvana mixtapes. Believe it or not, these mixtapes are getting very popular especially among the youngsters.

Greg Money Jones, also goes with Greg Jones, is a well-known party promoter and celeb event organizer on the East coast. Born and bred in Asheville, NC, he grew a passion for music listening to Rakim & LL Cool J with his parents daily in his childhood. He was very fond of 90’s music but he could not do anything about his passion as a teen instead he just played sports in the streets.    

As they say: the love finds its way, Greg soon found out a way to promote his skills and love for music. After struggling many times to find the right place to use his passion for music, he found one opportunity. Greg got the first job of his music career at the radio station of Charlotte. Playing the famous 90’s songs with the flow of his show on the radio made many people his fans. After getting a lot of love for his music combinations, he decided to make mixtapes.

Moreover, Greg began to organize different events and night parties of music across the US, Charlotte. It made him even more famous. Partiers going to Greg’s parties and events say that they are very much fun as they felt like a true party.

In 2010, Greg held great events with great celebs such as The Migos, Gucci Mane, Rich Homie Quan, and many more. These events got super hits in multiple college streets of North Carolina. Greg organizes such parties for two main reasons: one for the love of music and second to meet celebs. He shared that soon he will try to do an event with the most popular celebs of the industry such as Jay Z and Diddy.          

With exclusive 9 years of experience as both music and event organizer, Greg is now being recognized as a famous mixtape producer and cool nightclub artist. Some of his mixtapes are really hitting the internet. Many youngsters seem to like it and buy its copies.  

Next in Greg’s schedule is to help other fellow artists towards their careers so they won’t feel alone and be without any guidance, like he was. Moreover, he is creating more wide social connections by organizing huge events so that he can do events for his famous artists such as Jay Z and Diddy. Stay tuned to his Instagram for his upcoming events and new mixtapes. If you haven’t listened to his previous mixtapes, you should definitely give them a try.  

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