Over the years, the music industry has become more and more competitive. As more talents make their way into the industry, establishing and solidifying a spot has become much harder. Pretty Tony is a Hip-Hop sensation who followed his passion for music and has marked and cemented his spot with his new album.

From a young age, Tony has never been the one to give up on his dreams. In fact, once he has set his mind on something, he gives it his best and ultimately excels. With both his parents having played both high school and college basketball and afterward coaching basketball, Tony grew to learn and love the game. His skills were evident as he won state championships titles in 2014, 2015 and a state runner-up title in 2017. He was awarded a full basketball scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

While Tony loved playing basketball, his passion for music was stronger. During his final semester at University, he finally told his parents about his love for music and how he wanted to start a career in music. Although it’s a move they did not anticipate, they were ready to support their son. Looking back, Pretty Tony notes the support his family has given him in music and other decisions has helped shape him to a better version of himself.

Fuelled by passion and determination, Pretty Tony dived into the music industry. Even though he has only been in the industry for a short period, his impact on the rap industry is felt. In less than three months of making his debut into the hip-hop scene, Pretty Tony has become a fan favorite. His influence in the rap industry is astounding and surprising.

With the release of his album “Rich Tony,” Pretty Tony has cemented his spot in the music industry. Filled with good vibes, unique sounds, and catchy melodies, the album is setting the bar higher for other artists. Since its release, the album has so far garnered over 200,000+ views on Youtube alone. It is also available on Spotify and Apple music.

Having featured top hip-hop artists like Sauce Walka, Peso Peso, Rizzoo Rizzoo, and Kenny Muney, among others, Pretty Tony notes the importance of collaborations. According to Pretty Tony, as long as you have the same goals in mind, music collaborations will help grow your audience and allow you to learn new skills.

The music industry is tough to crack, says Pretty Tony. His advice to upcoming artists is to be patient, resilient, and above all, follow your passion. Additionally, he stresses the importance of not listening to the opinions of people who want to bring you down.

Similar to most businesses, the entertainment industry also has its ups and downs. Pretty Tony says to survive, you must learn to rise beyond your failures and be authentic in your work.

As he continues to flourish, his journey in music is far from over. In his words, he is just getting started. Asked about the future, Pretty Tony says he has so much more in store for his fans.

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