The trend can be the best friend of any aspiring artist in the music industry and if you choose to be yourself, you can become the next trend in this industry. This is what JD

Hardy has done and he has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. Gifted with a unique voice and refined sense of music, JD was initially guided to follow the herd but later he realized he was meant to be different. He started doing what he was extremely good at without falling for trends and soon began to earn his following.

His latest album “Country Saves Me” became an instant hit on social media. It even escalated JD’s fan base on various digital platforms. It was released in August 2017.

While JD is enjoying the success of “Country Saves Me”, he is equally excited to launch his next album “Killer”. The song was recorded and produced by Dean Miller Entertainment in Nashville. He hopes that his project will meet the expectation of the audiences that are built with his recent release.

“Killer” will present some unconventional cross-genre music to his fans that is the signature style of JD. The unique blend of country notes with electrifying rock is something that has always set the stage on fire for JD. He is also a popular songwriter and singer. The fresh music, combined with his gifted voice and the blazing lyrics will definitely set a new trend in the music industry. His perception of music was shaped at an early age, thanks to his family.

JD was born and brought up in a family of musicians. His father and grandmother were recording artists or country music. This had a profound impact on him in developing a keen interest in music, especially country. Artists like Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, and hometown country music superstar, Merle Haggard have been his biggest inspiration so far. It was during his adulthood that JD found his own voice and developed a refined sense of his own music.

While he was completely aware of his natural talent, he initially fell prey to trends. It’s more because people around him thought following a trend was something that could

find success quickly. With time, JD realized that instead of following a trend, he could be a trend if he chose to stick to his roots. This attitude brought him almost instant fame

making him the star he is today.

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