Becoming a popular and prosperous artist is not an easy journey. It takes great practice and sharpening your talent and music skills to perfection. Fame or becoming rich shouldn’t be your main goal in the music industry. You need to set several goals and work on them one by one. As an artist, you need to have a unique style for your music to identify yourself in the competitive music field. You also need to maintain a solid relationship with your fans and focus on networking to promote your music.

Being a famous artist and music producer is an awesome goal, but the path can be frustrating. Singer and songwriter Kay Franklin is a cross between sultry R&B and liberation. The West Los Angeles native and grandson of the illustrious John Barnes, who produced for Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones. Being surrounded by well-known artists and producers, he learned a lot about music and the dedication required to succeed as an artist.

Kay spent more than half his life producing and writing records, for both himself and for other artists. From Hip-hop to R&B, Trap to Pop, with his most notable penning on, “Rocket Science” for Joyce Wrice, and the recently released “4 The Low” for Problem and Wiz Khalifa. With 60k monthly organic listeners, this melodic crooner gives an open invitation to the world of Bae Franklin, and it feels like 90’s R&B.

“Rocket Science” is one of the most successful projects in Kay Franklin’s career, which pushed him into the limelight. A magical Rhythm & Blues 2016 recording, the song has caused a stir in the airwaves with millions of plays on music platforms such as Spotify. Currently, Kay is slowly cementing his social media presence. He has ardent followers of over 50,000 Instagram followers, hundreds of subscribers to his YouTube channel, and over 20,000 listeners on music platforms, including Apple and SoundCloud.

Kay Franklin has had to overcome several obstacles in his quest for his successful music career. “One of the biggest challenges I went through was losing a lot of motivation to want to do music after signing a bad contract. If it weren’t for my love for my daughter and the need to offer her the best life, I probably would have walked away”. Kay had to learn a lesson from this setback, build up his confidence again, and press on with his path.

There was a time he didn’t dare to show off his music. He wasn’t sure whether his music would be received and appreciated due to his “perfectionist” trait. But what he didn’t know is that the majority of the people relate to his songs which spoke to their lives. He had to relax his perfectionism and focus on his career.

Kay Franklin is optimistic about the future of his music and believes he can always get better as days go by. He shares that you should always stick to your career, follow your heart, take the time to build the right team around you, and believe in yourself. Kay looks forward to becoming a household name in the music world and producing the decade’s all-time best albums.

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