It takes years for an artist to be established in the extremely competitive music industry. Taking a break after reaching the top is something that only a few will dare. GerkOne is one such artist who proved his mettle in music after a 10-year hiatus. In 2007, GerkOne entered the hip-hop scene with his first single “My Block”. The song stormed the industry creating quite a buzz among music enthusiasts. He was solidifying his place in the industry as a promising star.

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario in Canada, GerkOne was always passionate about music. He realized his goal much earlier in life, which helped him focus on his career from a very young age. Mentored by the legendary J-Finn, the founder and CEO of G.L.O.C. records, GerkOne was all set to take the industry by storm. He quickly developed his own style of hip-hop that distinguished him above others.

The artist has always believed in hard work and dedication. Even after his debut single “My Block” became a hit, he did not limit his endeavors. From grocery stores to gas stations, GerkOne distributed his CDs everywhere to ensure his music reached the audience. He began collaborating with music giants in Canada to present great music to his fans. In 2008, he released “F8tal Division”, a mixtape that managed to engross the audience. By this time, GerkOne had started performing live almost every week to ensure his music reached people who had never heard him before.

In 2009, GerkOne reached a new height in his career as he made it to the top of MySpace charts. He was listed as one of the best Unsigned Canadian hip-hop artists. 2010 began and ended with a bang for this popular hip-hop artist. GerkOne collaborated with 2x multi-platinum recording artist 2 Pistols to pull out some electrifying tracks that his fans had never heard before. The year also marked the disappearance of GerkOne from the music scene after being a sensation.

For the next 10 years, GerkOne remained a lost name in the hip-hop space in Canada. In 2020 when the pandemic hit the world, people were forced to spend time indoors. GerkOne thought this to be the right time for an explosive comeback into the music scene. He returned in full swing with his single “No Limit”, which took his new and loyal fans by surprise. The song was chosen by West Coast legend, The Game, to include in their mixtape “Who Got Game”. GerkOne was on a roll with his next release “Real As It Gets”. It was featured on World Star Hip Hop helping GerkOne rediscover his lost identity in the music industry.

Currently, GerkOne is working hard on his next release, “Pardon My Attitude”. This is going to be his first album which is already creating an expected hype among his fans and music lovers. New York’s legendary rapper, Jadakiss, has appeared on the headline of the track “Big Bad Bruin” in this album. This further escalated the fanfare earning more than 200K streams in the first month of its release. Music enthusiasts are now craving for this album to be unveiled, which is due by the mid or end of 2021.

The hip-hop star has already created some noise with three singles in 2021. He is gearing up for more this year along with the launch of his debut album. GerkOne’s return to the music industry has proved to be more impactful than his initial start. His fans can only hope that he continues to mesmerize them with his music for many more years. Follow him on Instagram

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