TikTok is largely known as a short-form video entertainment platform. However, this has since expanded following its widespread popularity, and it’s increasingly finding its way into the career world. With over a billion global active users, TikTok is now considered an integral part of the marketing sector, particularly in the music industry. Expanding its lip-syncing video feature to 60 seconds from the previous 15 has created an even better involvement for music enthusiasts. Like most popular social media platforms, brands and artists are busy finding ways to leverage the platform.

A music-based platform, TikTok plays a significant role in resurfacing good old music and pushing new music. Amazingly, new artists are also building careers leveraging TikTok’s popularity. Keemo Kazi is a popular TikToker and artist capitalizing on the platform to push his musical brand. After conquering the TikTok world, Kazi has decided to explore his childhood passion and toss himself back into the music scene. He has consistently been releasing “Freestyle Fridays,” where he puts out quality music videos and posts them frequently.

Keemo Kazi is the biggest TikToker releasing professional music that appeals to all ears. A fast-rising artist, Kazi has consistently been releasing at least one song every month. This has been his trend for the last six months, with a video for each track, a sequence he hopes to maintain in the future.

Though he just launched his music brand, Kazi is not a new face in the industry. He has been in the entertainment scene for years but first blew up on TikTok through short skits and prank videos with his family. He has one of the biggest TikTok profiles with over 20 million followers and close to a billion likes for his short videos. Kazi has built himself an entertainment brand that identifies with comedy and music. “I’m not afraid to be myself towards the comedic standard and not afraid to showcase my artist side and play both roles at the same time,” says Kazi.

He has hit the industry with his unique, captivating hip-hop sound. He is a thrilling music enthusiast with his lyrical prowess and rap skills, better than some mainstream rappers. His entertaining yet relatable music has had many music enthusiasts glued to his socials waiting for his next release. His recent release “Famous” is a classic example of what the young music talent is capable of. “Famous” is a well-crafted hip-hop piece with a thrilling beat and a catchy hook to usher you into the smooth lyrics. Kazi has used the track to announce his entry into the hip-hop scene as a precursor to what’s in store for his fast-growing music fanbase.

A dedicated rapper, Kazi hints that his forthcoming debut album promises to be nothing but a collection of musical gems. Dubbed Keemo VS. Kazi, the album will serve as his introductory statement to a promising music career. For Kazi, the album is essential to help him break the barrier between an influencer and an artist.

His ambition is to continue growing his music brand and hit the global stage. Kazi is not ready to relent until his music brand becomes the most significant, consistent, and profitable. He hopes to achieve these goals through dedication, hard work, and determination. Kazi is optimistic about staying true to himself and his dream and, more significantly, never giving up.

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