September 11, 2021, Miami, Florida – The popular music group No Budget Entertainment appeared on the renowned Lifestyle Network TV show The Come Up. The show was filmed in Miami and features No Budget Entertainment, a Fort Myers-based ensemble that brings together performers from various backgrounds.

RL Tape and King Judah, as well as group members Benny Frank, Blounote, Mitch Jones, TGlizzy, and JustB Bianca Russell, take part in an informal chat. Alaa Harazin, the show’s host, sits down with the musicians to talk about their respective journeys and how the group got together to produce this unique blend of East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest music.

The candid conversation provides insight into each artist’s purpose, inspiration, and influences. The honest interview provides an informative glimpse into the up-and-coming No Budget Entertainment, with topics ranging from balancing education and operating a business to family, personal problems, and discovering each other’s abilities in and outside of music. Similarly, Alaa Harazin delves into each member’s musical influences and discusses how the group came together and where they plan to go next.

The show also includes a look at Red Bow, a freshly released video that features No Budget Entertainment members RL Tape and King Judah. The video’s popular song has become something of an anthem for the artists.

According to Lifestyle Network’s CEO and host of The Come Up, Alaa Harazin, No Budget Entertainment’s appearance on The Come Up is just the beginning for the group. “There’s not just one story, there’s seven – this is only the start for all of these artists,” he says.

About No Budget Entertainment: No Budget Entertainment is a musical group based in Fort Myers, Florida, that includes members Benny Frank, Blounote, Mitch Jones, TGlizzy, and JustB Bianca Russell, as well as group founders RL Tape and King Judah. The popular musical group is a collaboration of different artists who add to their one-of-a-kind sound a unique blend of styles and stories.

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