Coming up with goals and listing them down is easy. However, the hard part is accomplishing them. While we all want to be successful, our focus, hard work, and determination in accomplishing those goals are what sets us apart. Nicky Rizz is a young DJ accomplishing his goals one at a time.

Born and raised in New York, DJ Nicky Rizz has performed in various cities, including New York, New Jersey, and Florida. He has recently been inducted into the World Famous Heavy Hitters and got to play on the #1 Hip-hop station in New York- Hot 97.

At just 24 years, DJ Nicky has marked his spot in the industry. However, it has not been all easy especially considering the high competition in the industry. It all started in his homeland Staten Island. Nicky, at the time, was just 11 years when he witnessed a DJ play. According to DJ Nicky, watching his skills on the deck and passion for Deejaying, he was fascinated and wanted to learn more.

Intending to become a DJ, he started mastering and perfecting his skills. Coupled with his passion for music, it did not take long before he mastered his DJ skills. His prowess skills and ability to control the crowd saw him become a household name at a young age, and he was now DJing at events and clubs.

The best thing about setting personal goals is that achieving the goal gives you freedom and motivates you to move the goal post further. For fast-rising star DJ Nicky, his next goal now was performing on big stages with much larger crowds. As the go-getter he is, he was not ready to let anything hold him back. Taking another bold step, he was fixed on accomplishing his new goal, which he did; in fact, he even outdid himself and was recognized by the legendary Heavy Hitters.

According to DJ Nicky, if you have a dream or goal, work towards them and never give up. Had he given up on his dream, the world could equally have not been able to listen to this exceptional young talent. It might take time but trust the process, remain focused on your goals, and above all, work hard.

In life, there are numerous challenges; highlighting the most significant challenge he has faced on his journey, DJ Nicky says it was challenging to differentiate his brand from the rest and get his name out to the world. Nonetheless, he was able to overcome the challenge finally. His signature phrase “You know the vibes” is now a common catchphrase in New York and beyond.

Goals help you remain grounded, assess your performance and stay motivated. However, to ensure you do not get frustrated and discouraged, it is best to set realistic goals. Rather than starting big, start small and build up as you climb.

The only direction DJ Nicky is taking is up! His future in the entertainment industry is also getting brighter! As he continues to serve his fan base with some good mixes, his goals are also growing, and his career is growing.

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