Realizing that his regular life in San Diego simply didn’t cut it, artist Gianni Cures decided to wrap up that life and begin his journey to Hollywood. Stories like these are often plots for movies or books; however, this music artist has shown that you can make it with the right determination and passion.

Growing up in the modern world can take a lot from a person. With the societal pressures, the practicalities of life, and trying to earn a living, most people let these fears get the best of them and never pursue their true passions. This is the harsh and sad but true reality of the world we live in.

Growing up, Gianni was into singing, which made him incredibly happy; however, as a kid, he never considered that he could be a musician. Gianni was never confident about his voice, and he was a little too critical and hard on himself, thinking that he didn’t have it in him to sing. This was until he started surrounding himself with influencers and singers, artists who radiated the best energy, who told Gianni that he not only possessed the talent to make great music but also the voice.

Gianni then moved to Los Angeles and stayed in a studio apartment with no rooms. Along with his friends, he started to learn songwriting, producing, and recording. These were the foundation years that built him. Gianni was also surrounded by good company. After making a song, his influencer friends would widely share it among their massive followers, and soon enough, Gianni started to gain an audience and built a following for himself.

The earlier years were rather difficult for Gianni. He would go from session to session to gain experience and build a network. Gianni started utilizing his network, and in exchange for asking for help with music, he had influencers help him in marketing his work and business. Ultimately it was Gianni’s work that mattered, and he was confident in it. Once Gianni had the artists and producers, he let the rest of the show rest on his music, which spoke for itself.

Gianni’s style is incredibly unique because of his mixing of multiple genres, such as pop, hip-hop, EDM, and rock. Gianni makes incredibly fresh and uplifting music from these combinations, as well as by adding his own touch. However, even after the success, he still has the passion to do more because his dream is to inspire others, others like him who might be too scared to sing or dance, thinking they’re not good enough.

Even to this day, Gianni labels himself as his biggest challenge. He agrees that the influence of social media can get to him every now and then, and he can start comparing himself to others. Gianni believes that the only thing that matters is what you want to do and what you’re willing to do to get there.

Gianni’s dreams are big, and he has absolute faith in himself. He sees himself going on world tours as one of the biggest music artists in the world, bringing hope and being an icon for those who want to follow their hearts.