The music industry has been thriving through various trends over the past few years. It is all about being unique and standing out from the crowd but also being awesome enough to steal the show. Rising music composer Jia Ruan has recently stormed the space with his debut release, “Vibrations,” in January 2021. “Vibrations” is an instrumental track that has been setting new trends in the music industry. Its unique blend of unconventional sounds has proved that pure music can express a range of emotions without the help of lyrics. To replicate the roaring success of “Vibrations,” the 25-year-old music composer is now set to present his next project, “Reverberate,” to the audience by the end of this year.

Music artist, composer, and instrumentalist Jia Ruan is a rising music sensation on social media. With his debut track, “Vibrations,” getting more than 5 million hits on Spotify, he has proved that there will be much more for the audience from this unique talent in the coming years. “Vibrations” has been a trending track on various digital platforms like Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The track has earned more than 8 million views on YouTube so far.

“Vibrations” has been a turning point in Jia’s life, paving his way from a salesman at a music store to stardom. He has seen both the light and dark sides of life before achieving success in the music industry. Once living a lavish life as the son of a renowned realtor in NYC, his life reached rock bottom after his father’s death when his family failed to retrieve all his real estate investments. Jia worked two jobs as a grocery bagger and salesman to support his family. His mother, a music teacher, has been his friend, philosopher, and guide throughout his journey to the music industry. With “Vibrations” becoming a viral track on social media, Jia decided to pursue his passion for music as a full-time career.

Being a Gen Z artist, Jia is acutely aware of the power of social media and never misses an opportunity to connect with his fans. He goes live on Facebook or makes music tutorial videos to keep his fans engaged. His recent feat is a virtual DJ show that he streamed live on public demand. The 1-hour show became a huge hit on Facebook, earning more than a million viewers during the first 30 minutes. Staying true to his perception of music, Jia conducted the entire show to instrumental tracks. He believes that words or lyrics categorize music for a certain section of people who understand that particular language, whereas music is for everyone and should be that way. There should not be any barrier to understanding or revealing music, so he creates purely instrumental music to convey his feelings to the audience.

The unique blend of unconventional sounds like a violin with fast drum beats or a piano and a bass guitar has stormed the internet. Jia’s music has been able to express all kinds of emotions like love, happiness, grief, anger, passion, and even betrayal without any words. Following the explosive response to his debut release and virtual live show, Jia is now getting ready to recreate the magic with an upcoming project.

The artist has disclosed that he will be presenting “Reverberate” to the audience by the end of 2021. Like always, it will be unique and enthralling like never before. While his fans are holding their breath for “Reverberate,” Jia is working hard on the composition to stay true to his promise to his fans.

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