If you want to find success in life, you should be ready to learn how to face and overcome challenges. Life is an unpredictable journey where you have to make choices to overcome unforeseen adversities. Every person faces difficulties in life, and it’s your ability to stay strong and battle it out that counts.

Debbi James is an American-based singer with African, French, and Israeli roots. She is the daughter of the late legendary actor, Steve James, widely known for his role in the American Ninja franchise. Her late mom also enjoyed the spotlight as a top Israeli model back in the day.

Debbi was born in France, where she spent her first two years before moving to Israel with her mother. Debbi spent most of her early childhood years in a small country, and that’s where she developed her passion for music. Her mother loved putting on MTV every morning, and they would dance and sing along to all the songs together. Her mother was quick to notice Debbi’s musical talent and constantly encouraged her, motivating her to chase her dream.

Unfortunately, at 5, Debbi lost her dad and never got the opportunity to witness more of his acting performances. She grew up under her mom’s care, who continued to guide her onto her path in life. Her mom always supported all her passions, helping her build the much-needed confidence and self-love for success in the music industry. Just when all seemed well, Debbi then had to bear the pain of losing another loved one. She was 17 when her mother committed suicide, leaving her to face the world alone. A grieving Debbi found the going tough and felt like the world had turned its back against her.

Most in a similar position might have got lost in a world of misery, but that’s not the case with Debbi. The young girl was quick to recollect herself and find a purpose in life. Yes, she was greatly affected, but there was a reason to keep her parents’ legacies alive. She made a trip back to her grandmother in Israel, where she spent some time thinking about her next course of action.

Debbi then moved to Los Angeles, which marked the start of her music career. Catching up with the American lifestyle and English was a challenge for her, but she was quick to overcome it thanks to her determination and resilience. Living in Los Angeles, a city with the best and most vibrant music industry, provided her with the opportunity to explore her music talent fully. She has worked with top producers, vocal coaches, and artists, guiding and shaping her music career.

Today, Debbi is a renowned singer, songwriter, performer, and dancer in the global music industry. She has been on music tours with top artists, including Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and many others. She has also been featured on numerous commercials that have placed her on the international modeling map. She has also gone back to Israel to participate in the final rounds of The X Factor, where she got the opportunity to work with top Israeli music talents Noa Kirel, Rotem Cohen, and Shlomi Shabbat.

Her dream is to grow her brand to new heights and be in a position to inspire others to go after their dreams. Her goal is to leave her mark and touch the lives of millions worldwide with her brand.

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