The music industry is rare to bring up topics or anything related to ongoing world issues. This is because artists and producers don’t necessarily want to be linked with one side and lose sales; it comes down to profits at the end of the day. However, someone has come out and shown that, along with making incredible music, we can also question all the wrong that is happening around us and try to do something about it. That someone is Sven Andrew.

Sven is only 25 years old and has experienced a lot of the music industry and also the world of music videos. Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Sven is a synth-pop, rock, and electronic artist. From the beginning, Sven was not afraid to speak his mind about whatever he saw was wrong around him. Sven has also made incredible leaps by introducing a unique touch to his music; he has done that by smashing electronic pop and indie rock together to create his own unique genre.

Being in the industry long enough, Sven still likes to do most of the work himself, including songwriting, production, video production, marketing, and event booking! This is very rare because as people start to gain popularity, the delegation of tasks also starts. Sven continues to do everything himself, and he manages it as well as anyone.

Sven’s music video “I’m Not Alright” was nominated at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Along with that, Sven played a tour in Indonesia. “I’m Not Alright” has also surpassed more than 150,000 clicks on YouTube; combined with his other videos, he has more than 500,000 clicks on YouTube.

Sven lets you take a deeper look into his soul with his song “I’m Not Alright,” along with the mentioned Youtube numbers, Sven’s song has also been played on Facebook more than 300,000 times and an impressive 350,000+ times on Instagram. Sven ended up quitting his job to fully invest himself into the music he makes, and he needs his full attention to express it in his art. Sven plans to move to Los Angeles soon.

Most of the time, we hear how the coronavirus has affected people; however, artists and musicians are usually left out of that picture. Along with other struggles and difficult times, Sven explains how Covid-19 affected him and his work and how it proved to be a real challenge for him.

Sven says that it’s not being an artist in any way, and people in his field will understand, and with the new restrictions imposed by the pandemic, it all makes things depressing. However, Sven has come out of that mindset and looks towards a hopeful and bright future.

Once things open up and the world starts going back to normal, Sven plans and looks forward to going back on tour, which is his biggest dream. Sven would even give up his apartment and job to go back on tour, which is the kind of incredible passion he has.