Dreaming is easy; making the dream a reality is, however, challenging.

Unless you take action on your dreams, chances are they will remain only a dream. In pursuit of his dream, Maor Mo, then 18 years old, took a bold step. Fueled by his passion for music, he left his hometown and moved to Miami. He had no job, no finances, and was just out of high school.

He is now a celebrated R&B singer/ songwriter popularly known for his song “Usher Told U,” which was featured on Pleasures P’s Ep. Maor Mo is currently working on his latest album, “Same God,” set to be released in October this year.

Music is not a new thing to Maor Mo; growing up around music, he started learning the basics at a young age. His parents had a band and his mother was the lead singer. Watching his parents sing and perform, Maor Mo came to love music. He says, unlike most kids, his fascination wasn’t on cartoons but rather on cassette tapes.

When Maor was eight, the family relocated to the US. Due to language and cultural barriers, Maor Mo struggled to fit in. At the time, he recalls spending most of his time in his room listening to music, and as time went by, he started composing his own music. In his words, music was his way of expressing his emotions in a way everyone would understand.

While everyone has dreams, what sets people apart is the courage to pursue them. Ready to take his music career to the next level, R&B singer Maor Mo moved to Miami. He recalls sleeping in his car or crashing at his friends and working odd jobs just to sustain himself. Through persistence, determination, and consistency, he was finally able to record and release his first single.

Maor Mo’s impeccable vocals and distinctive style have earned him a solid reputation giving his career a major boost. He has written and composed various songs, including “Show You Off” and the 13th track of “Antisocial Media” album features collaborations with Rico Love, Talib Kweli, and Masspike Miles.

Highlighting the challenges he has encountered, Maor Mo notes working as an independent artist has been challenging. Marketing and promotion of your music are important as it gets your name out to the audience. You could have a nice song that is   well composed, and has great content, but nobody gets to hear it because of your poor marketing strategy, says Maor Mo. Having to juggle between creating the music and marketing, Maor Mo notes it is a struggle.

His advice to up-and-coming artists is to believe in their work, have faith, and be patient. Rather than following what others are doing, create music that you believe in, be unique, and do you, says Maor Mo. Although it might seem impossible at first, with a determined heart and a hard-working spirit, nothing is impossible.

Other than his upcoming album set to be released on October 19th, R&B singer Maor Mo is looking to make more mind-blowing music in the future and hopefully do some more collaborations. “My goal is to keep creating everyday music and impact more lives through my music,” says Maor Mo.

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