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Big name rappers are now venturing into cannabis, but it’s not the traditional marijuana that’s sold in the dispensary.  This is the world of legal cannabinoids, derived from help, but still psychoactive. 

Cannabinoids like THC-O, HHC, Delta 10 THC and Delta 8 THC are taking the nation by storm dispensary sales are down in many states where it’s legal to ship to as online brands like Fuked Up, Reef Canna, and BaySmokes have reported record sales in 2020-2021.  Some states have already banned delta 8 thc, but there are other cannabinoids directly around the legal cannabinoids right around the corner.  While some of these products are syntheiszed these are not like the Spice and K-2 Products we saw hit the market in Early 2010-2012

Cannabinoids like Delta 8, THC-O Delta 10 and HHC are becoming extremely popular as they are easy & legal to buy online and are about half the price you would spend at the dispensary.  With no medical card required, sales of these hot new cannabinoids are skyrocketing sales! 

The CDC and FDA just released statements acknowledging these cannabinoids as well, and states “labeling on those products isn’t always clear—they might be labeled as simply “hemp”—so people may not realize that they’re taking delta-8 or that this compound can actually cause noticeable psychoactive effects.

Marijuana Alternatives Being Sold Online

HHC – Hexahydrocannabinol 

Made from hemp pollen, HHC, also known as Hexahydrocanabinol, is becoming a popular alternative for online purchase and smoke shops. It’s a psychoactive compound, just like regular THC but with slightly different physical effects. We haven’t seen any celebrities hop on this cannabinoid yet but we believe it’s coming soon.

Delta 8 – Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol

Delta 8 THC, also known as D8 THC, started a massive trend in early 2020 and has since opened up the Cannabis Consumer’s eyes to hemp-derived THC products that can be purchased online legally. Delta 8 THC, which is about 2/3rds the strength of traditional Delta 9 THC, is made by using chemistry to convert CBD Isolate into Delta 8 THC which effectively turns a non-psychoactive product into a psychoactive one!

THCO – Tetrahydrocannabinol-O-Acetate

THC-O, a hemp-based derivative also known as THC-O-A, is up to 3 times stronger than traditional Delta 9 THC, the mainstream form of THC that gives Marijuana its notoriety. THC-O has a much more profound effect than other forms of THC because the THC-O molecular structure has a higher affinity to cannabinoid receptors within the body. That means you get way more high off the same dosage! THC-O is rushing a new wave of cannabis users into the legal hemp market as heavy recreational users of marijuana find the strength of THC-O to be quite refreshing, despite previously being uninterested in the lesser potent Delta 8 THC cannabinoid. One interesting note about THC-O is that it takes 2 to 3 times as long to take effect within the body, even via inhalation, as the acetate portion of the ATHC molecule must separate from the compound before it becomes psychoactive. 

Delta 10 – Delta-10-Tetrahydrocannabinol

Delta 10 THC is very similar to Delta 8 THC in that it is less potent than traditional Delta 9 THC. Many people describe experiencing D8 & D10 as a euphoric high with less of the paranoia typically associated with Marijuana. 

Delta 10 is slightly more potent than Delta 8. Many consider Delta 10 to have stimulating effects similar to a Sativa strain of marijuana. In the same regard, users of hemp-derived THC also describe Delta 8 as having a sedating effect, similar to an Indica strain of marijuana.

Rappers Getting In The Legal THC Game

Tory Lanez Launches Black Leprechaun 

Rappers like Tory Lanez are capitalizing on Delta 8 THC, a milder, weaker version of THC that is legal in most states. Due to its lower potency, roughly 2/3rds the strength of Delta 9, many users find Delta 8 to be a more enjoyable experience as they report less paranoia and anxiety than the products that are available at their local dispensary. 

Tory launched his brand Black Leprechaun but has had some issues with his brand partners at Bay Smokes as it seems they have moved his product category from the top of the website to the bottom.  We spoke with the owner of Bay Smokes, William and he stated “Tory, really hasn’t been doing much to promote his brand on his end.”  and “I just moved his stuff to the bottom of my website because less people go down there, and I don’t have to split profits.” 

When our team researched Tory’s brand on baysmokes website, we found that only 3/10 reviews were actually verified by actual buyers. 

We’re also not sure how safe these products are as bay smokes picture of this finished products arent on any of the packaging. 

How To Start Your Own Legal Cannabis Brand in 2021

Private Label

Private label manufacturing is the process of hiring to company to product a product they help you develop or that you have developed already. 

Private label manufacturing company Bulk Cannabinoids International offers full service private label branding. including packaging design, product manufacturing, website design, payment processing, marketing, and fulfillment services.

Daniel Kelliher VP of Sales at Bulk Cannabinoids says, “We strongly urge anyone seeking to start their own cannabis brand to start their own website instead of signing exclusive offers with other brands..”

Finding a reliable private label manufacturing company to take care of your supply chain, can yield you incredible profit margins and quality control. 

Looking to try THC-O, Delta 8 THC and other alternative cannabinoids?

Best Delta 8 and THCO Vendors


Do you have a high tolerance when it comes to THC? Look no further than Fuked Up. I mean the name of their brand should speak for itself. Many consumers scoff at Delta 8 & other hemp-based cannabinoids due to their perceived lack of “effectiveness”. This is not the case over at Fuked Up. Their Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O & HHC products are all at maximum potency, guaranteed to deliver incredible physical sensations to experienced users who smoke on the regular.

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THCXtract specializes in higher potency Delta 8, Delta 10 & THC-O. They’re well known for offering edibles & various other gifts free of charge to new customers as a thank you for their business. The owner Christopher also has a youtube channel that offers plenty of educational & entertainment content surrounding legal psychoactive cannabinoids which has yielded THCXtract a rather loyal fanbase. 

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Reef Canna 

Reef Canna is a small boutique Hemp brand that specializes in small batch releases. While their selection of THC-O, Delta 8 and other cannabinoids are limited, their products are extremely effective which causes their inventory to get sold off fast as the consumer demand for their products is on the higher end. If you can get a hold of their products while they’re still in stock, be prepared for a wild ride!

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Artists and influencers that hop on the Hemp-Derived Cannabis bandwagon now have an unfair advantage against almost any brand that’s out on the market.  With the rise in popularity of these new legal alternatives we expect more artists to release brands in he near future. 

What rappers would you like to see come out with their own online cannabis brand? Let us know in the comments.