The world needs pioneers to make a lasting impression. Kristian Kapon is a trendsetter in entertainment for urban, pop, and regional genre music. Partnered with Hugo Capon, they have created the record label Kapon Entertainment Productions, LLC (KEP) to transform and balance the current music industry model, favoring independent artists. With a focus on marketing, entertainment, and artist management, they want to make sure everyone has an unforgettable experience.

Although his background is Lebanese and Greek, Kristian was born in Mexico. This gave him a strong connection to Latin culture. He now lives in Ft Worth, TX and graduated in 2016 from the University of Texas at Arlington, with two BBAs in Finance and Management. Shortly after, he joined a group of mastermind mentors called the Knowledge Society, where he learned how to run a business and digital marketing. But he would soon find his passion in the music industry. “I love music! I have always kept up with music growing up and found interest in the Latin Urban genre. In 2020, I became involved in the music business and created a record label company named Kapon Entertainment Productions, LLC. KEP is a partnership between me and my uncle Hugo Capon, who has 35 years of experience in music entertainment,” says Kristian Kapon.

Scouting for new talent is one of the most important aspects of running a successful entertainment production business. Kapon Entertainment Productions (KEP), founded by Kristian Kapon and business partner Hugo Capon, is proud to announce KIBRAY as a new member of the family. John Jairo Riasco Rumión, aka KIBRAY, is a Venezuelan urban music singer. He was born on February 24, 1999 in Güiria, Sucre state, Venezuela. He had a love for music at an early age, but when he was 16, he discovered his ability to compose by playing an urban legend in his neighborhood—a song that went viral in Venezuela in 2016. At just 22 years old, the Venezuelan singer KIBRAY, with more than 50 million reproductions on digital platforms, has become the new benchmark for urban music in Latin America.

The impact of “El Pato Pipón” caught Universal Music’s attention. They invited him to come to Mexico, bringing KRBRAY’s fame across borders and to new heights, reaching more than 50 million reproductions on all digital platforms. From here, KIBRAY signed on with Ft Worth based Kapon Entertainment Productions, LLC, (KEP) in 2020, bringing him international exposure.

In August 2021, CEO Kristian Kapon of KEP and Manager Hugo Capon released KIBRAY’s first single, “Guata Uff” produced by B One “El Productor de Oro,” with which he seeks to conquer digital platforms again. In October 2021, Kibray returns with much more strength and positive energy, which he injected into his next song called “Ponte Que Pon.” Also produced by B One, KIBRAY is sure this will lead to a world tour. Kristian has discovered, however, that to get everything done, you need to be clear in your communication. Kristian operates the logistics side of KEP, and he has to manage all the communication for the music they release. Since Hugo and Kibray both live in Mexico, getting everyone together to work on a project can be challenging.

Kristian has to coordinate with the director of videography, the photographer, security, and dancers to meet for 12 hours a day just to shoot a video. “What keeps me going is trusting that when we face obstacles, we can call a meeting to discuss the matter at hand so that we can get on the same page. Communication has become the key in overcoming a lot of the growing pains of KEP,” says Kristian Kapon.

Through KEP, Kristian is taking the music industry in a new direction. Their vision is to transform and shift the current engagement model in the music industry to favor independent artists, giving fans an unforgettable experience with the artist and music. The production house focuses on marketing, entertainment, and artist management. With a love for the Latin Urban genre, they will bring new independent artists to the spotlight through a collaborative and unique approach.

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