Music is inspiring, soothing, and uplifting. Listening to music, we get to connect with our emotions and also interact with others. Making music much more interesting is DJs. While some DJs don’t create the music themselves, their impact on the music industry is profound. Beat mixing brings forth a whole new and exciting experience that is captivating and mesmerizing. This was the feeling LUSSO discovered years ago.

A businessman by day and DJ by night, LUSSO is an entrepreneur and popular house music producer/ artist in the Manhattan scene. Since his debut almost four years ago, LUSSO has made it his mission to provide his audience with nothing but the best. His tracks have been played on major radio stations, setting the bar higher for others in the industry.

According to Michael Vitarelli, also known as LUSSO, his love for music dates way back. Getting into the Manhattan nightclub scene, LUSSO developed an even deeper passion for house music, inspiring him to start his career as a producer/DJ. He has released singles such as “Take a Hold,” “Party People,” and “Dakiti Remix,” which he says is one of the favorite things he has ever produced. The remix was featured on virus XM BPM.

In all his tracks, LUSSO aims to create beats and tracks that bring out the real house music that he classifies as enjoyable, fun to listen to and dance along. “Music is a form of communication that transcends all distances and should be enjoyed by all,” says LUSSO.  When performing in clubs, LUSSO’s primary goal is to give his audience nothing but the best.

A huge fan of house music, too, LUSSO’s energy on the deck is unmatched, and many agree with that. LUSSO has gained support from the likes of Bingo Players, SIDEPIECE, Calvin Harris, and Kryder. His project LUSSO’s Nightclub, where he releases remixes every month, also continues to attract attention from his ever-growing fan base.

Asked about the challenges in the industry, LUSSO agrees that one of the hardest parts is getting your music heard. The industry is highly saturated as many talented DJs are making their way into the space. “Aas an EDM producer, it’s incredibly difficult to get recognized on the scene,” says LUSSO. He further emphasizes the importance of producing quality, being consistent, and working on your delivery.

Success is a journey, and only those who persevere through the trials, remain patient, and are committed reap the fruits. Before he got to cement his spot, LUSSO had spent countless hours in the studio and sent so many emails, some of which were unanswered. Eventually, one person listened to his art, getting his name out to the world. Currently, his music has more than one million streams on Spotify, and he has performed at various venues in New York. His advice to fellow DJs is to not give up, believe in yourself, and focus on building your online presence.

House music is a genre that continues to maintain music popularity even after all these years. With top producers such as LUSSO taking the lead, it’s safe to say the buzz around house music won’t be fading anytime soon. LUSSO’s future in the industry is also luminous, with many referring to his tracks as the next big thing.

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