Sawyer Wildgen, or just Sawyer as he is popularly known, is one of the fastest-growing artists in the American music scene. Sawyer is a gifted music talent proving his worth for dominance in the industry in the coming years.

The young artist has been in the industry for a while, but it took time before hitting the mainstream. The music industry is a crowded sector with thousands of artists releasing new songs every day. This saturation can block or deny talented artists from connecting with a broad audience. So Sawyer decided to turn to TikTok to push his music forward.

“I think the biggest challenge was learning how to just break through the noise. In a world where so many artists are dropping so much music, you need to break through enough to give people a reason to listen to your music initially. Even if your music is good, people need a hook to actually start listening to it. I overcame that by learning how to ride the trends on platforms that are popping off (TikTok),” explains Sawyer.

Learning how to ride the wave of trends was essential for Sawyer’s success. But the challenge was finding a way to combine his original music with popular trends. Sawyer began his music marketing campaign on TikTok in 2020 with zero followers. Remarkably, he was able to gain over 230,000 followers within one month. He even created a viral TikTok dance video that amassed over 300,000 recreations of it. This new attention positively impacted his music, with over 100,000 monthly listeners across Apple Music and Spotify.

Sawyer strategically used viral trends to create his own versions with musical adaptations. He utilized viral TikTok sounds to develop tracks that greatly impacted his music.

“There was a viral sound going around with this kid screaming that he got stung by a wasp. So, I took the sound and then made it into a track, following the bassline of another viral video on TikTok, “BOO!” by ChampionXiii. I then channeled those listeners using the same marketing tactics as before. This song also quickly started blowing up. There was even a viral dance trend that started with this one,” says Sawyer.

This experience helped him appreciate why some artists go the extra mile to market their songs after release. Sawyer also strongly agrees with Derek Sivers, the author of Your Music and People, that “marketing is the final extension of the art.” Sawyer has taken the marketing role very seriously, and he wants to encourage others to explore its importance.

Sawyer aspires to continue scaling his music brand by constantly releasing great songs and content that resonates with his audience. His dream is to grow a platform and a brand to support and uplift other up-and-coming artists. If you want to support Sawyer’s journey and music, check out his website, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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