There are some things best said through music. Music can express your soul in a way that your head often can’t. When Ben Sharp Knowles, aka BSK, discovered his passion for creating rap music, he also discovered a new way to express himself.

When BSK started creating music, he found he couldn’t stop. In only a year, he has created so much music that he’s already released 7 songs on Spotify and iTunes, with 13 still in his pipeline. But BSK didn’t start writing rap music with the intention of sharing it, at first. In fact, he started it as a distraction during the COVID-19 lockdowns. “I made music for fun in the COVID lockdown and I realised the reward of completing a song. I wanted to do more and my friends enjoyed my music,” says Ben Sharp Knowles.

As much as BSK got joy from sharing his music, he discovered his love for creating rap music went deeper. It became a way to express himself. The more he writes, the less he holds back. He’s also learned that self-criticism can kill a great song before you give it a chance to take root. But with patience, the song will develop.

Now, BSK is well on his way to creating his first album. He has his sights set on releasing a hit song and working with a good team of producers. “When I started to take music more seriously, I started researching the industry more and started to listen to more music and styles. I didn’t just focus on rap but I enjoyed rap because it gives a more detailed story and I listened to a lot of rap music during this time,” says Ben Sharp Knowles.

What started as a fun distraction turned into much more. BSK found his calling and a new way to express himself through writing rap music. It gives him an avenue to share his story and bring happiness to others.

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