Many people dream of becoming musicians, singing and writing songs, and who can blame them? Music is a form of art that is appreciated and listened to in every part of the world, in its own unique ways. Music changes, evolves, and makes us forget about some things yet remember others. It is truly a blend of art. 

Being a musician, however, is a difficult task. With the current pace of the world and how connected everyone is, trends can change in a matter of days. Not only keeping up but rather thriving in the music industry is musician Brandon Delgado. Brandon has gone through his fair share of difficult times to get where he is. Let’s take a deeper look into what Brandon has done. 

Brandon grew up in Texas, and his family was not financially stable. He saw what struggle looked like from an early age and how his parents tried their best to survive. Brandon understood the value of people and their struggle and how they needed to be rewarded. Starting at the young age of 6, Brandon found his love and passion for music after his dad got him a karaoke machine for his birthday. Brandon knew he wanted to make music and reward every hard-working and struggling person out there. 

This dream of his lived on and never quite left him. Brandon made music throughout his high school years and even after joining college. He was given a scholarship to attend college due to his outstanding academic achievements. However, soon after, Brandon dropped out because he knew he was wasting his time. He realized college was not going to get him where he needed to go. Brandon also requested that the school offer the scholarship to someone who would better benefit from it. 

What came next wasn’t easy. Brandon had to sleep on his friend’s couch, and he worked long hours at a restaurant for very little money. He used almost all his savings to buy an old computer that he used to start making music. It was the only thing that gave him joy. 6 months of struggle and hard work went by, yet Brandon refused to give up. Finally, a record company stumbled across his work, and they were amazed. Unsurprisingly, Brandon was asked to fly to their studio in Los Angeles. 

Brandon’s debut album shattered expectations and skyrocketed his popularity. His Spotify and Apple Music instantly started getting listeners, and as of now, he has a staggering 500,000 of them on both platforms. From nothing to half a million listeners, Brandon has indeed outdone himself. He also has plans to perform concerts around the United States, and he’s signed permanent contracts with record labels. 

When it comes to the future, his plan is stable. He wants to enrich more people’s lives with his music. Brandon also wants to expand his music reach outside of the US to the rest of the world. He knows that struggling and hardworking people can be found worldwide, and he wants them to listen to his work. With Brandon’s talent and determination, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a global icon. 

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