Success is a constant climb, and to get to your dreams, there are so many hoops to jump through. The journey teaches you how to overcome obstacles, cope with failure, and always push onwards as it’s the only way to attain your goals.

Top artist 99 Rus has defied all odds to reach the top, and he now shares his story.

Born and raised in Riverdale, Chicago, Michael David, alias 99,Rus, developed a passion for music at a young age. He recalls spending most of his time locked in his room listening to music on his mother’s cassette player. His mother was a member of a band that achieved great success in the city.

According to 99 Rus, growing up in Riverdale, Chicago, music was the perfect distraction from the outside world. He says this was the best way to keep himself out of trouble in the street life and remain focused on his dream. However, as his family was not financially stable, 99 Rus couldn’t record his music yet. He resorted to street performances, and it was then that he earned the name 99 Rus. Michael’s ability to freestyle saw him become a popular name in his neighborhood.

More than just songs, 99 Rus was using his talent to spread positivity and encourage others. As he continued to grow as an artist, he was also perfecting his skills, and years later, he recorded and released his first single, “Be strong.” His smooth flow of lyrics, impeccable voice, and unique sound enabled 99 Rus to cement his spot in the industry at a very young age.

In less than five months since its release, “Be strong” had garnered over 2 million streams across various platforms. 99 Rus has released other singles, such as “Take it” and “Rock With You,” which are topping the charts. The talented singer/songwriter stated that he is currently working on another project that is set to be released soon.

Asked about the challenges he has encountered, 99 Rus notes that the music industry is highly competitive, making it harder for one to be successful. However, he says that by remaining consistent and authentic, his audiences could relate to his music easily, and his career started to take off.

He adds that COVID has also had an effect on him as an artist. With the lockdown in place and cancellation of concerts, 99 Rus had no way of communicating with his fan base. To keep them entertained during these difficult times, 99 Rus introduced a system where he live-streams his performances on both Instagram and Youtube. On the flip side, 99 Rus says the pandemic also allowed him to write more songs. He says he has a couple of songs just waiting to be released.

The road to our dreams starts with a single step. While the path is daunting and filled with challenges, you must choose not to give up and push on even when you encounter obstacles. 99 Rus took his first steps years ago, and although the road hasn’t been smooth or easy, he continues creating his unique sound. His advice to aspiring artists is to follow your purpose, work smart, and remain focused.

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