Making a name for yourself in a highly over-saturated industry can be challenging. Expectedly, there are numerous obstacles and challenges to overcome along the way, the least of which is gaining recognition for your contributions.

In the music industry alone, hundreds of musicians struggle to gain the general public’s appreciation. Though some notable musicians have gained the spotlight in their careers, many more talents are being overlooked. Fortunately, a few do make it big in this cutthroat yet well-loved industry.

The story of how Ritchelli Rodriguez came to be one of the breakthrough artists of 2021 is one such example. As a teenager, Ritchelli was already deemed by many as charming with an iron will to match. This was reflected in his decision to pursue a career as a musician. Considering the industry already has so much competition with a head start, his was no easy road ahead.

He had a somewhat rough start because he had to learn the basics of songwriting. Thanks to his grandmother, a famous songwriter, who helped him, the burden was lightened slightly. He started his lessons from scratch, and when he had the knack for it, he worked on developing his melodies.

With his interest in soul music developing fast, Ritchelli ventured off into unknown territory. Growing up, he was only ever exposed to jazz and rhythm and blues songs. He initially thought of becoming an RnB artist. However, hearing soul music and recognizing the emotions it stirred in him pushed him to become a part of the soul music community.

Soul music was something that greatly inspired Ritchelli to be the successful soul singer he is now. He has already amassed a considerable following under his name thus far. When asked about his future plans, he says he will continue doing what he loves in the next few years.

What’s impressive about this up-and-coming singer and songwriter is his magnetic personality that makes audiences easily love him. He is the proud recipient of the Breakthrough Artist award, an achievement many aspiring stars would love to have under their belt. It’s only handed out to top artists who have received much adoration from fans, even at the start of their careers.

At the Alternative Press Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards, Ritchelli bagged the Best New Male Artist trophies. In the Soul Train Music Award Show held last month, he also won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year award. This shows how much potential he has and how well he has developed himself as a soul singer and songwriter.

Despite having such extraordinary achievements at the age of 28, Ritchelli Rodriguez has remained grounded. His main inspiration for garnering success is not to bask in the glory of fame. Instead, he hopes to empower others who have the same passion as him to reach for their dreams. You never know the power you hold until you try to make other people’s dreams a reality.

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