Tarik is a Canadian-born, up-and-coming songwriter, singer, and actor. He is swiftly announcing his presence in the music scene with his innate talent. His unique approach and sense of music from a childlike perspective bring a fresh and thrilling sound that many can resonate with. Tarik takes pride in being an ardent artist who sends listeners down a path of nostalgia to a time where love reigned supreme. Incredibly, that young talent has a deep passion for songwriting that keeps him awake at night when he can craft the sweet and nostalgic melodies that will inspire you to travel through a world of simplicity. 

Tarik borrows his music inspiration from some of the greats to ever grace the stage. He grew up looking up to notable industry personalities such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, and George Michael. His current inspiration comes from the highly talented chart-topping singer Ed Sheeran. In fact, Tarik’s music can largely be appreciated by those with a taste for Ed’s sound. He’s somewhat of an anti-artist artist with an attitude that’s true to his core, leaving his audience with nothing but the good stuff.

Though still an up-and-coming artist, Tarik has hit some notable career highlights, including receiving top recognition amongst his listeners. Many love and adore his unique music that is very sentimental and creates a space for them to return home and reminisce over simpler times. Tarik considers it a significant accomplishment to be able to be present in people’s lives through music. Essentially, he draws from their personal experiences and intertwines them to create songs that warm the heart. This has been his major secret to making great hits that easily resonate with many.  

With the passion and desire to continue impacting many lives, Tarik is dedicated to making great songs that encapsulate moments important to him and his fast-growing fan base. To him, it is more important to make music that impacts people’s lives rather than just reaching the top ten in a music chart. 

“I care about making music that resonates with people and moves them in every way. As I mentioned, there is a lot of nostalgia in my music, and I love that I get that feedback quite often. Taking my listeners on a journey back to what feels good in their hearts is what I enjoy best about my work; it is the purpose that drives me forward,” explains Tarik.

You better watch out for this amazing talent to experience some great music that will ultimately speak to your heart and soul. 

Tarik advises other artists to leverage their talents and the power to express themselves through music to impact society positively. Listeners draw lots from your energy as an artist, and if you can visualize your emotions through your lyrics, you know something amazing is in the making. In addition, Tarik believes in finding a producer that will best understand your style of music, as it makes a world of difference in your work. 

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