For many, music is one of the most amazing joys in life. And when we’re little, most of us think about ourselves on stage, singing and performing in front of thousands when we listen to music. 

However, as we grow up, we slowly tend to realize that making a mark in the music industry is not as easy as it once seemed, neither is making music as simple as it once sounded. For these reasons, most people end up giving up and pursuing other options in life. However, there are people like Sacha Sernets who only had one dream for as long as they can remember, and for him, there was never a plan B. 

Growing up in Santa Clara, Sacha started to show an unusual liking and interest in music. Even as a child, he knew what kind of songs he wanted to listen to and which were simply unacceptable. Sacha would hold imaginary concerts in his bedroom, dreaming of being a singer. He was greatly influenced by music legends like Micheal Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and ABBA. 

Sacha joined a music club in middle school, where he realized he had a real talent that no one around him possessed. His parents took this lightly, thinking he would get over it as soon as college approached. And college did approach; however, Sacha had not changed, in fact, he had fallen more in love with music. 

Not being given support from his parents and being discouraged by his only true friend, Sacha was tired of his hometown. He knew he had one life, and he wanted to give it a shot. Not long after, Sacha moved to Los Angeles. 

Life in LA wasn’t particularly welcoming for Sacha. He worked as a waiter and in marketing for a local bar. These jobs were taxing, and Sacha would have to carve out time on the weekends to record music, which he would then send out. His hard work started to pay off finally when he was recruited out of a karaoke bar by a production house owner. Sacha’s debut album “By Design” was a hit. It was streamed by thousands, topped the charts across the state, and became highly popular on Spotify and Apple Music. 

The following months were busy for Sacha. In the span of a few months, he had signed several record deals, gotten himself a manager, and was working on 2 albums. As of now, Sacha has released 3 albums, which have all been critically acclaimed. In the past year alone, Sacha made a whopping $4 million and recently purchased his dream home. 

When talking about wisdom, Sacha wants to send a message to any young, aspiring musician to never doubt yourself, even if no one believes in you, not even those closest to you. He says that even if your inner-most circle feels like you’re not worthy, you can’t let that get to you. 

As for the future, Sacha wants to perform all over the world, and he wants to establish himself among the most popular singers in the country. 

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