When SpaceNTime developed an interest in music, what caught his eye the most was the creation process. In his words, “I wanted to understand the technical basis of recording music and what it takes to make a great song or album.” He started to teach himself and researched different online material, which led him to find Syphon, his current record engineer. This was back in high school, and SpaceNTime had just produced his first song. By remaining committed to his passion and putting in the work, SpaceNTime has cemented his place in the industry.

He is mostly known for being Pacman Da Gunman’s in-house producer, crafting his sound from 2015 to present. SpaceNTime has produced Pacman Da Gunman’s All Money In album, among other songs, some of which have topped the charts. He produced a song that hit the Billboard chart at #24 and placed on the Itunes Top 40 Hip-Hop chart at #14 and #4 on two other projects.

According to the hip-hop producer, music has been part of him for a long time and has played a massive role in shaping his future. From a young age, SpaceNTime enjoyed listening to music. During his time in high school, he notes that he would spend his free time locked up in his room listening to various genres. As he got a clear understanding of the industry, SpaceNTime started composing his music and producing.

It was then that he met Syphon on Myspace, and they started working together. SpaceNTime’s work ethic and unbeatable skills paved the way for him, and soon after, he started getting bigger deals. He notes his partnership with Pacman Da Gunman elevated his career, allowing him to grow his network. One of the songs he has produced, “Money Power Gold 2” by Pacman Da Gunman and Yhung T.O, hit the Billboard chart at #25.

His diversity in producing music and the experience he has accrued over the years set him apart in this highly competitive music industry. SpaceNTime utilizes his skills to create music that is timeless and has authentic beats. He says his inspiration is partly from science fiction and horror genres. 

“More than just lyrics, I believe for the story to reach the target audience, each piece must be perfect,” says SpaceNTime. In creating a beat or a particular sound, SpaceNTime focuses on composing music that directly resonates with his listeners, and he infuses different genres to do so. SpaceNTime has worked on several music projects with various artists, including Dom Kennedy, IceWear Vezzo, Mozzy, and Wale.

As he continues to create great content, SpaceNTime says his aspiration in the coming years is to make larger investments in his music and grow his career further. He also wants to show other people that it’s possible to achieve your dreams. “To get to your goals, you encounter different obstacles,” says SpaceNTime. He adds that while some can be extremely difficult to overcome, you will not get to the next step unless you rise above your current situation. 

Asked about one thing he has learned in pursuit of his dream, SpaceNTime notes, “Success is more about falling in love with the journey and not the destination. This way, even when you face challenges, giving up will never be an option.”

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