The music scene is one of the most fiercely competitive industries. With countless talents making their way up from different parts of the globe, it takes a lot for the public to notice your music. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to penetrate the space and even have your music heard globally. Berkant Dural is a fast-rising DJ who has marked his place in the industry, with many labeling his music the next big thing.

He has won multiple awards in Turkey and the Netherlands and played at many big events. DJ Berkant has also been invited and featured on various TV shows internationally.

Among the factors that make his music stand out are his diversity and unique sound. DJ Berkant has incorporated different cultures in his music, ensuring each track has a different story to tell. He uses his talent and skills to unite the world while spreading positivity and empowering others.

According to DJ Berkant, music is a way people can communicate with others and share their life journeys. He notes that not everything will work out as planned in life, and because most people hate failure, the reactions are also different. Through music, you share your story with the rest of the world, encouraging people in a similar situation. As he continues creating meaningful tracks, DJ Berkant has made it his mission to be a source of inspiration to others and spread love through music.

DJ Berkant is popularly known for his single hit “Maleesef (Inadi Birak),” featuring Mansur Ark, which has gained over 600K views on YouTube alone. He has also produced other singles, including “Bize Inan,” featuring Eren Sandal.

His high-energy performances, diversity in the selection of his songs, and creativity as a DJ have allowed him to cement his place in the industry, with his work receiving worldwide recognition. DJ Berkant is ranked as one of the most popular DJs in Turkey and the Netherlands, winning multiple awards.

As he continues to thrive, he says his wish is to have his music heard and played globally and positively impact people’s lives. DJ Berkant says his goal is to create music mixes and songs that the audience will relate to and easily vibe along to when played in clubs or at home.

Beyond DJing, Berkant is also an entrepreneur and founder of the leading hair company, Global Hair. He is changing the hair care industry, making hair transplants faster and easier. With his team at the Global Hair clinic, DJ Berkant has adapted the latest technology to help him achieve more natural results with a less painful method.

Like many other entrepreneurs, DJ Berkant has been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the cancellation of shows. He has had to move some of his events and ensure he maintains the laid-out guidelines with others. He says he used this period to expand his skillset and release more content. As the world slowly starts to open up, DJ Berkant says he has many projects lined up in and out of Turkey. 

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