As more musicians are showcasing their talents and rising to success, the quality of music is also decreasing day by day. Many artists fail to deliver a high quality sound and depend on strong connections in the industry or a fancy music video. In order for music to continue as a form of America’s entertainment, being able to create new quality music is important.

Artists like Deepen have been able to have a positive impact on the music industry by producing high quality tunes and collaborating with notable artists of this generation. However, beatboxing is a varied genre of music and each variation has a separate fan base and appeals to different audiences.

Many people have told Deepen that he has a long way to go until his music becomes mainstream. But as an inspiring beatboxer and musician,, his dream and passion for music has been the greatest fuel for his musical journey.

At a very young age, Deepen started to write music and his best friend RichardDevang helped compose his songs. He and RichardDevang have been close friends since childhood as they grew up in the same neighborhood of New Jersey. They understood each other’s struggles and have been supporting one another as they share common Indian-American heritage.

Deepen has always been able to express his struggles and pain better with music. It has been a remedy for him and a strong reason he has never given up on life. After completing his formal education, one of Deepen’s ex girlfriends motivated him to apply for an online songwriting course. She believed that Deepen deserves to do what he loves hence enrolling in a music school made perfect sense. From then onwards, nothing could stop Deepen from achieving his dream of success in the music world. 

He has been actively working on writing, producing and composing high quality music for the music label he will soon launch. He hopes it will be a great hit and help many young artists to fulfill their dreams of becoming better musicians. Deepen believes his upcoming music label will soon be a national and international success. Deepen has already set this as his goal for 2022 and beyond.

Passionate, hard working and strong-minded artists like Deepen are an inspiration for many musicians. His strong work ethic and love for music has led him to success. He still considers himself a beatboxer and singer with unconditional passion for music. He has constructed his career with the diverse skills required to become a true artist.

Great things happen when you put your heart and soul into something. Such is the story of America’s new heartthrob, Deepen. He is an example and an inspiration for the upcoming generation of aspiring musicians. 

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