If you can conquer your fears, you can do anything you ever dreamed of. Instead of staying stuck in a soul-sucking job because you are afraid of the what-ifs, maybe you need to take the first step and see what the future holds. You might fail or succeed, but in any case, you’ll never know until you try. That’s a story children’s entertainer Molly Wellon is familiar with.

A few years ago, Molly was stuck with a company that didn’t allow her to explore her full potential. All the while, she knew she could do better and yearned for the day she could be free to do what she liked. Molly’s passion lay with children’s entertainment, and that’s what she wanted to spend her time doing. When the chance never came at her job, she took a leap of faith and started her solo career as an entertainer.

Today, Molly runs Molly Kidz TV, a children’s entertainment YouTube channel. With so many kids staying indoors due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, Molly is contributing to their learning and development through her channel. The videos on her channel are both informative and entertaining, ensuring that the kids are not only occupied but being taught too. Molly also performs live on stage for kids. Her fun, friendly and passionate nature distinguishes her from other children’s presenters and performers.

Molly made her debut as a child entertainer at the Gloworm Festival 2021. Her high-energy, engaging antics made children smile and turned Molly into an instant star. Her singing, dancing, and interactive performing style have pushed her career ahead since then and opened more doors. After that, she became a presenter for a children’s online learning platform.

Despite being relatively young, Molly’s YouTube channel has experienced rapid growth. Molly has acquired an amazing fanbase and loyal followers on social platforms. For instance, several videos on the YouTube channel have attracted 10K+ views, and the numbers are still growing. Molly’s productions have also been featured on Spotify, Amazon Music, and other notable platforms.

Molly’s passion for preschoolers and other children keeps her motivated and makes her hone her creativity continuously. Together with her team, she has been working hard to create more fun and interactive original children’s songs. They have also been recreating some well-known classics, making them more appealing to kids.

To those holding onto their dreams and who may be scared of starting, Molly proves success is achievable if you want it badly enough. Speaking of her journey, she observes that she’s now touching more lives than she did before. She also enjoys more freedom to explore her talents. She adds, “Don’t be scared to take risks and chase your dreams, whatever they may be, and help to make others smile.”

On her part, Molly is still chasing her dreams. She is currently working on growing her channel and online presence. The goal is to make her YouTube channel for kids among the best out there and make as many children as she can smile. Molly is also looking forward to performing at many more children’s festivals over the next 2 years. Unlike before, she now looks forward to every performance because she enjoys doing it. According to her, the future can only get better.