Menoh Beats does more than just produce music. He is a developer of talents in both artists and up-and-coming producers. Years ago, when he was just beginning his career, he wished he had someone to guide him. Because he didn’t have one, he has made it his mission to come into other producers’ lives early and help them build their names and brands on their way to success.

Menoh’s success in the industry makes him a good mentor. He is a 6-times platinum record producer who has worked with notable names in the music industry. His productions have garnered 2B streams on different streaming platforms. Some of those are 2 songs on Lil Tecca’s album, “We Love You Tecca.” The album went on to become number one on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Billboard. It was also the number one Top Rap album.

Menoh didn’t have a smooth journey in becoming a top producer. He had to overcome one challenge after another. In the early days of his career, he almost quit because he was not seeing any progress. Being a student at the time didn’t make it any easier. The more he produced music the more he became disinterested in school. Consequently, his grades suffered and continued to drop. He had to put in some serious work before he could bring them up and strike a balance between school and music.

Over time, Menoh became complacent and too comfortable with his success – and he became lazy. It didn’t take long for other people to notice. Luckily, some of them called him out and motivated him to pick up the pace. By setting goals and believing in himself, Menoh was able to turn things around and thrive.

In his career, Menoh says persistence and resilience have played a big role. A few years before he made a name for himself he was so ready to quit. However, a last-ditch effort paid off. Menoh had packed up his speakers and was on the verge of selling them, and he had deleted almost all his beats except for two. In a final act of hope, he had sent Lil Skies his last 2 beats and waited. It was one of those beats that changed Menoh’s life forever.

Lil Skies gave Menoh his big break. He was the first artist to ever rap on one of Menoh’s beats in his debut single “Red Roses.” The track was a global hit and a top Billboard Hot 100 song. That was a big win for Menoh and enough validation to know that he was on the right path. Looking back, the biggest lesson he learned from that experience was the power of patience. He adds, “Never ever give up because your chance to shine may come tomorrow.”

Menoh Beats has continued to grow his career over the years. He has been working on more projects with Lil Tecca. In the future, Menoh wants to do more work that will firmly set him at the top of his industry. His goal is to change how producers are seen or categorized. He also has plans to run a successful management company for artists and producers one day.