The music industry nowadays is very demanding, it has been developing for many decades, and talent is not enough  to break into the top. Now it is more important to find something new, to be able to create unique combinations of genres and stand out from a huge number of musicians.

When Danil Ka appeared on the music scene, he immediately captivated the audience with his surprisingly harmonious combination of country, rock and hip-hop rhythms. But the young rapper does not call his path to success easy, because there is a lot of work behind the creation of any hit.

The young hip-hop artist was born in the small town Brantford, Canada and fell in love with music since childhood. An ordinary guy, Danil Ka, started writing poetry at school, created a musical group in college, and when he got acquainted with the work of Eminem, he fell in love with hip-hop. But after graduating from college, the group broke up, and the musician had to find his way into the music industry alone.

Everyone noticed the talent of the young hip-hop artist. But Danil Ka understood perfectly well that in a very competitive and rapidly developing music industry, it is not enough to be talented, you need to be able to challenge other performers by presenting something completely new to the world.

Soon Danil Ka got acquainted with the digital music platform, and his life began to play with bright colors again. He posted his original works on YouTube, but the number of views did not exceed even a hundred. This was a real test for him. But he did not give up and continued to work on his craft. Danil Ka continued to write lyrics that reflected his feelings and experiences.

It took the musician almost three more years to create his own unique style of performance, in which rap is surprisingly harmoniously combined with other genres. In his songs you can hear notes of country, blues, shades of jazz and rock. 

Then a young hip-hop artist posted covers of hits by famous artists on tik tok. These videos just blew up the Internet, they gained two million views in a few days. Now Danil Ka’s singles are incredibly popular and invariably occupy the first lines in music ratings.

His first original work “I Believe Every Day” became a real hit and received true recognition from the public. It tells about the problems of ordinary people, about unloved work and how difficult it is to take a risk and decide to change something in your life.

Danil Ka in his songs urges people not to give up and not to give in to despair, but to fight and go towards the realization of their dreams with all their might. The rapper demonstrates by his own example that nothing is impossible in our world, and you can succeed if you work hard and work on yourself.

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