The Internet was introduced decades ago and has changed sharing information forever. Digital media platforms have gained a lot of attention and have resulted in many talented individuals establishing themselves as independent content creators, bloggers and vloggers. Today, the content creation space is bigger than ever. It has given many talented artists a platform to showcase their talent.

One of these unique, dedicated and passionate people is Mystic Zach Hirsch. At the young age of 20, he was able to make a name for himself. In his senior year of high school, Zach proved he was the most accurate sports handicapper in the world at the time. He was able to predict 100% of all 21 FBS college football games correctly, including the College Football Semi-final, SEC Championship, and the National Championship Game. He became famous for being the first person in sports handicapping history to record a perfect season in sports and was nicknamed Mystic Zach.

Zach is currently set to launch his podcast Kiss & Myst. The objective is to bring Hip Hop and Sports together. The podcast will be hosted by Rapper Jadakiss and Zach. Their first guest will be Rapper Dave East and NBA player Chris Brickley. 

Kiss & The Myst is set to air on Worldstar Hip Hop very soon. Being able to make this happen was a dream come true for Zach. Along with creating his own content and being an influencer, Zach is a sport analyst. Due to his sports background, he is followed by more than one million people including athletes. He is also known for his celebrity interviews, famous funny memes and being the director of two successful short films.

Another personality who will make this podcast a super hit with his experience and passion is Jadakiss. He has been rapping from a very young age and established himself as an important artist with sheer hard work and patience. Today, Jada is one of the biggest forces in the hip=hop industry.

The duo of Zach and Jada will be very entertaining for their audience. People’s ability to connect with their friendly personas is what makes them unique. Worldstar Hip Hop is the production company behind Kiss & The Myst. The podcast is expected to be a huge success since the hosts are invested in the topics they’ll be talking about.

Gen-Z prefers listening to podcasts or watching videos instead of reading so this will be another reason behind their podcasts success. The kind of content Zach and Jada have been producing is of high quality and has always been loved by their supporters. Being able to bring the best of both worlds and create something unique takes courage and hard work.

The Kiss & The Myst podcast has the potential to become bigger and better. Zach and Jada will turn this venture into a massive hit undoubtedly. Their goals and objectives have always been concrete and this has led them to where they are today. They are inspirational for many upcoming creators and artists. 

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