KaJ Loud, or Kailon Loud as he is formally known, is a new talent gradually taking over the music scene. He is a talented singer, songwriter, and rapper with a unique musical style. KaJ Loud is working under the Kings Entertainment brand, which has been instrumental in growing and scaling his career to new heights. Since making his debut on the scene, KaJ Loud has served the industry with hit after hit, including his upcoming single “Shrimp N Noodles.” This single and his other hits are available on YouTube and all music streaming platforms.

KaJ Loud discovered his passion for music as a young boy who was intrigued by hip-hop and RnB music, thanks to his mother and grandfather. Though he knew he was meant for the music scene, KaJ Loud did not pursue this dream until the pandemic hit. During this period, he discovered the true power of music and its potential to bring change to society. 

“After my sports career ended, I found myself looking for a different outlet, and music became my shelter. The music I make comes from my mind, body, and soul collaborating to produce deep and powerful records. I make music to release not only my own pain and frustration but also my happiness and satisfaction to the point where people anywhere from all walks of life can enjoy whatever I put out,” shares KaJ Loud. 

KaJ Loud made his professional music debut at the beginning of 2020; since then, he has released four singles, including “Shrimp N Noodles,” and an EP titled “1Up” in June of 2021. His hard work and dedication have seen him rub shoulders with the likes of E-40, 50 Cent, Baby Bash, Twista, Slim Thug, Dice SoHo, Lil’ Keke, Frankie J, Maxo Kream, King Lil G, Marty Obey, Slimmy B, and Tre Cinco, to name a few. These interactions all bore fruit in valuable lessons and teachable moments for KaJ Loud, which have been instrumental in his growth.  

KaJ Loud’s biggest challenges in his musical journey came from his self-doubt and lack of confidence as an artist and entertainer. This was even when people would reassure him of his greatness. It’s sometimes difficult to move past your thought process. On top of that, the industry is fickle, just like the people in it. People often won’t reply to messages, don’t communicate, and forget about you. But a determined and focused individual, KaJ Loud has overcome the many hurdles to get to his present level of success.

The sensational artist is currently working hard to drop a follow-up hit while also pushing his new music video to reach a diverse audience. An artist’s social media presence has proved instrumental in the music scene, and KaJ Loud wants to continue staying relevant in the space. To him, quality will always prevail over quantity, which is how he wants his brand to be known.

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